He says we give numerous things alongside the storage keys, you said you need to follow Shubra’s way, you favor your bahu and give her the keys, you additionally perform your responsibility, favor Sampoorna and Bondita, commend for them. Everybody applauds. Sampoorna blows up. He requests that Bondita hold Sampoorna’s feet and get the keys.

The women tattle and state for what reason is Sampoorna not giving the keys to her Bahu, Bondita is her sister. Bondita holds Sampoorna’s feet. Sampoorna gives the keys to Bondita. Bondita says I will perform the responsibilities well and protect the keys, its my guarantee. Sampoorna embraces Mami. Mami says Trilochan has made your status the equivalent once more, you will be the house keeper until you get the keys. Sampoorna says its not Bondita’s misstep, Trilochan did this.

Mami requests that she get the keys back from Bondita. Bondita expresses gratitude toward Durga maa. She says I needed Sampoorna to be with me generally, she has come as my Saas, you have satisfied my desire, I m fortunate, we will consistently be together as Saas and Bahu. Trilochan looks on and says your heart resembles gold, so you see your sister such as yourself, she isn’t care for you, her heart is dark, she isn’t blameless like previously, she is cunning,

I m frightened that you get cheated, I need to caution you. He comes to Bondita. He says you understand what’s this. She says storage keys. He says you know what’s inside. She says cash, gems, papers and that is it. He says it has our pride and distinction, Shubra had protected it, presently this duty is yours, I m sure you will keep it. She says yes. He says be cautious the keys aren’t any toy, regardless of whether anybody discloses to you anything, don’t offer keys to anybody. She concurs. Sampoorna looks on. Read More…