Scene begins with Bandit coming to mandap. He puts chloroform drenched scarf all over and she gets oblivious. He trains cleric to tell everybody that they will go inside the present moment. Else everybody will be executed. He begins terminating too. Trilochan gets stunned and reveals to Bondita that she will not face challenge and will not remain here longer.Trilochan gets inside the room with Bondita and others.

Bondita says you advised me to deal with all the wedding plans. Why you took me here? Trilochan says they have rifle. Bondita ponders where is Anirudh. She says possibly Anirudh will take help for Manorama. He will most likely save her. Manorama’s folks yell save my girl. Bondits sees outside through window. She sees that different desperados are not moving from their places. How could it be conceivable ?

She feels perhaps they are not people. They are inert. Bondita tosses stone at one of them. Potato sack tumbles down. Bondita discloses to Trilochan that these are sacks of potatoes. Not people. It was all arranging. Trilochan with others return to mandap and Trilochan yells at outlaw saying you are not criminal but rather you came here in camouflage. You are an insane sweetheart.

Last gets stunned. Trilochan eliminates the cover from his face and everybody gets stunned seeing Anirudh behind the cover. Women begin blaming Anirudh saying he is a miscreant not a savvy individual. That is his genuine face. He is attempting to wed somebody powerfully even in the wake of being hitched to another person. He is a particularly characterless individual. Anirudh yells at individuals saying have I said to you that you anticipate these things from me?

You expected as it was your decision. Think about me as human, why have you thought about me as God. I do things which I feel is correct and my heart, my nobility permit me to do. I don’t observe society rules and I don’t do what all of you need me to do. Bondita gets stunned. Anirudh says consider this thing my franticness or anything you desire to call. I couldn’t care less. I’ll wed Manorama today. Bondita prevents Anirudh from doing as such. Anirudh says noone can stop him today, not even Bondita.

Anirudh weds Bondita before everybody. He thinks he had no way out except for tolerating another misbehavior. Bondita was doing whatever it takes not to get him. Bondita seeing that scene gets oblivious. Trilochan yells Bahu. Read more……