Barrister Babu 21 June 2021 Written Updates : Bondita arrives at the creepy structure alongside Thakuma and Sumati. Cleric says there are hazardous snakes and wild creatures in the structure. It’s truly hazardous. Sumati cries and advises cleric to discover another arrangement as Bondita will not have the option to perform it. Minister says he has no elective arrangement. Thakuma persuades Sumati and clarifies Bondita what she needs to do to play out the custom, she needs to enter with the diya and will complete her stroll ceaselessly herself.

Next morning the entryway will be opened. They will sit tight for Bondita outside. Sumati says she is as yet uncertain about whether Bondita will actually want to do it or not, its like inviting the passing. Kalindi says she should confide in her little girl. Dugga Ma is with her. Bondita enters the structure with the diya.

Barrister Babu 21 June 2021 Written Updates

She begins strolling and isn’t in her faculties to see how shocking the spot is. Bats fly everywhere on the spots. Anirudh shows up and covers Bondita with a Shawl. He asks him what is she doing here. Bondita doesn’t answer him. Anirudh gets stunned and acknowledges Thakuma again made her oblivious. He shows worry for her and says Bondita doesnt need to demonstrate her virtue by doing this load of gibberish ceremonies. It’s Thakuma and the general public who need to get an exercise. Anirudh attempts to discover an exit plan. Anirudh gets stressed for Bondita. He begins hacking. Bondita continues to walk. Anirudh can’t see anything because of different bats there. Read More….