Barrister Babu 22 February 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Anirudh being smashed and rambling. Bondita thinks what is he saying. Anirudh says Bondita… Trilochan says I realize Anirudh will be extremely irate on me, however I need to do this, I m prepared to confront any tempest for getting my beneficiary. Anirudh inquires as to whether she is there no doubt. He tumbles down. She thinks I m inclination sluggish, how might I rest, he isn’t lifting my ghunghat. He dozes. She says I m squeezing myself to remain wakeful and Anirudh rested. She proceeds to awaken him. She says I feel choked. He says at that point lift the ghunghat. He says at that point lift the ghunghat. She says how might I give you a milk glass, how might my bangles and anklet break, our new hitched life will start, what are you thinking, lift the ghunghat, I m inclination drowsy, I m looking extremely wonderful. He

dozes. Thakur goes into the room. He hauls Anirudh to the restroom. He figures Anirudh will black out totally after this medication, I will end up being Bondita’s better half and take care of his job.


She requests that he lift her ghunghat. He figures she will see me in Anirudh’s place. Mother and Mami race to get Sumati. They locate the grave unfilled. Mother say she isn’t here. Mami says where will we discover her, she doesn’t kick the bucket. He says wild creatures would chase her down. She asks what will I answer Sampoorna.


Sampoorna says Anirudh can’t go to discover Sumati this evening, I will get Sumati in the first part of the day, I guarantee. Binoy requests that she get Sumati. Bondita asks Anirudh not to test her understanding, he will open her ghunghat, they will finish the customs. Thakur contacts her. She feels strange.She thinks I feel awful by the touch. She reviews Anirudh’s words. Anirudh is as yet bolted. Bondita says you need to lift my ghunghat, for what reason are you contacting my feet, its off-base, I can’t see you until you lift my ghunghat. The ghunghat flies by the breeze. She asks who are you. She yells to Anirudh. Thakur requests that she hush up. Anirudh falls in the water tub. He comes out. He hears Bondita yelling. He opens the entryway and goes to see her. He sees Thakur on the bed and yells. Thakur requests that he tune in. Anirudh asks how could you contact Bondita, I will execute you, leave. He hauls Thakur outside. Trilochan asks what are you doing, he is our visitor. Everybody comes. Anirudh says this man is a demon, this man went into Bondita’s room and attempted to attack her. Everybody gets stunned.

Thakur says no, Anirudh is misconception, I was finding a path to the washroom. Anirudh says lie, I have seen it myself. Thakur says you were not in faculties. Anirudh reprimands him. Bondita says he had contacted me, it was an awful touch. She cries and embraces Sampoorna. Everybody gets stunned. Thakur says she is a child, she was frightened and yelled to Anirudh, I was simply causing her. Anirudh says you secured me in the washroom, what help were you doing, have disgrace, don’t lie. Thakur says for what reason would I lie, I do a great deal for small children, they regard me. Bondita says you ought to be offended, you are lying.She says I was shuddering from inside, I didn’t feel terrified previously, you are an extremely awful man, your touch was awful, Anirudh had shown me great and awful touch, your touch was awful. Thakur asks will you accept a young lady or me. Anirudh says I will consistently trust Bondita. He slaps Thakur and says simply a young lady can comprehend the touch, awful men like you contact a young lady’s body, yet that dread shakes the spirit. He admonishes Thakur.


Thakur says indeed, I had contacted her. Trilochan admonishes him. Thakur asks Anirudh will he go to the general public and tell this. Anirudh says indeed, I will proceed to get your face darkened. Thakur requests that Trilochan clarify Anirudh, his significant other’s face will be darkened, man doesn’t lose anything. Anirudh says this time, the general public will uphold the lady and trust her, you will be rebuffed.

Trilochan says stand by Anirudh, he is saying right, I can’t put Bondita’s regard in question. Anirudh asks what. Trilochan says young lady’s name gets ruined, regardless of whether a man does a transgression, however ladies get the toxin, I can’t allow any stain to get on Bondita’s temple. Thakur says we will bargain, we both will not utter a word, any ways, I didn’t do anything much, I just contacted her. Everybody gets angry.


Thakur goes to Bondita and says so its concluded, we will fail to remember everything, similar to nothing occurred. Bondita pushes him. She says I won’t remain calm, your expectation was terrible, not mine, your reasoning was awful, not mine, for what reason would I get accused. She contends.

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