Barrister Babu 22 April 2021 Written Update


The Episode begins with Trilochan saying Anirudh and Bondita will be cheerful perpetually now. Bondita contacts Anirudh’s feet and says I m contacting my Lord’s feet, when you asked me not to contact spouse’s feet, you have consistently shown me the correct way, you gave me mental fortitude when I fell powerless, you ensured me, I contacted your feet, I guarantee today I will hear you out without fail, I will accept it as Lord’s promise.

He cries. He requests that she close her eyes. He likewise contacts her feet. She gets stunned and opens her eyes. She asks does this look great that you are contacting my feet. He says your companion is conversing with you, you are my guide, my Guru to show me the correct way, I was contacting my master’s feet, did I foul up, They go to have kulfi. He says sorry. She likewise says sorry. The kulfi tumbles down on her foot. Anirudh gets water and cleans her foot.


He asks is it anything incorrectly, I m cleaning your foot. A woman looks on. A man sells garments in the city. Anirudh and Bondita get some garments and grin. They wear those garments and dance in the city. They get a pic clicked. Sumati gets back home. Bondita embraces her. Sumati reviews Anirudh’s words. She says I got diminished seeing you cheerful. Bondita says I have no bad things to say with Anirudh, I comprehend, he thoroughly takes care of my improvement. Sumati says she didn’t inquire as to myself once. They chuckle. Bondita says sorry, how are you, how could you come.


Sumati says I came to give uplifting news, Thakumaa had returned to take me to my Sasural, your father’s house.Bondita says however she had gone to do a tapp. Sumati says indeed, yet I need to go there, I consented to remain with her, your father’s home will be your Maayka now.



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