Barrister Babu 21 February 2021 Full Written Update

Bondita likewise swears. She says I won’t ever move away from my obligation. Binoy asks Sampoorna where was she, where is Sumati, for what reason didn’t she get her.

Sampoorna stresses. The women take Bondita to the room. Sampoorna says you will remain in Anirudh’s room now. Bondita says I will allow Anirudh to rest. The women bother her. Sampoorna says you both will be offering satisfaction to one another.


Bondita says I generally deal with him and give him bliss. Thakur gives a beverage to Anirudh. Trilochan asks Anirudh to his room. Anirudh is taken to the room. Bondita sits tight for Anirudh. Read More….


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