Sampoorna says Bondita, I have made a huge difference, however not my adoration for you, you are as yet my beautiful more youthful sister. Anirudh says request, request, the court concludes that the allegations on Bondita aren’t right, the court is dismissed for the afternoon. She expresses gratitude toward him. She asks are you not irate at this point.

He says on the off chance that you are valid, would i be able to blow up on you, from where did you get familiar with this. She says I have taken in it from you, I used to see you subtly. He asks what, you may get rebuffed for this, you are excused. They chuckle. He says its Sampoorna’s Bahu bhaat tomorrow, it’s your obligation to adhere to all the guidelines. Rishta Tera Mera… .plays…

He says lets fill Sampoorna’s heart with joy better, come. She says yes. She figures I will make you and Trilochan end the battle. She packs the endowments. Sampoorna looks on. She figures Bondita will be my ally, Anirudh called me Maa, I will utilize that rights and toss Trilochan out. Mother and Mami come. She says we ought to get regard when we go into the house. Mom asks who will invite us.

She says everybody will invite us, Sampoorna has become Badi Malkin. Bonita comes and requests that they come in, Sampoorna will be glad to see them. Mami requests that she proceed to call older folks. Bonita says I m likewise Roy Choudhary, I m inviting you. Mami figures I will toss you out soon, Sampoorna will turn into the Malkin.