Barrister Babu 20 April 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with the police examining Anirudh’s family about Manorama. Controller faults everybody. Anirudh says you are simply accusing us. Overseer says she was your better half, all of you will be going to prison now. He requests that constable inquiry the haveli and get confirmations. Bondita reviews Manorama’s words. She cries. Anirudh says we don’t have a clue what will occur, you simply go. Bondita says I had returned that coat to Manorama, I won’t go leaving all of you, I will tell police that its my error, rebuff me, not all of you. He says no Bondita, you will not do this, its not your mix-up. He signs her not to say anything. Police doesn’t discover anything.

Assessor gets Anirudh and says I realize you were with your significant other, she has fled, we will get you hanged. He requests that constable capture him.Bondita says I will not allow you to capture him, he didn’t do anything incorrectly, he won’t ever lie. Anirudh gets captured. Constable says we got a news, Viceroy has kicked the bucket in the bomb impact, the Krantikari group has assumed the fault and referenced that Anirudh and Bondita aren’t associated with it. Auditor says I m sorry Anirudh, Binoy and Trilochan. He leaves.


Bondita thinks you stayed faithful to your commitment. Bondita reviews Manorama. Manorama’s associate shoots a bolt inside the window. Bondita gets stunned. She gets a letter folded over the bolt. She peruses Manorama’s letter and envisions her. Manorama composes… I got saved and I could compose this letter for you, you are exceptionally fortunate to find a hobby accomplice like Anirudh, he is a decent spouse and a decent individual, he is extraordinary, he needs to make you an uncommon young lady, numerous husbands get bangles for wives, however he needs to change your destiny and give you schooling, he needs to get the sky your feet, he isn’t care for different husbands who anticipates that wives should accomplish family work, he anticipates that you should spread your wings and fly, you will become lawyer babu Bondita, I needed to take help of my assistant to compose a letter for you, yet you’re not subject to anybody, you can compose a letter and converse with individuals, when you grow up and turn into a counselor babu, at that point you will comprehend that you have a defender in Anirudh, who needs to compose another destiny for you, wives are relied upon to make a penance, Anirudh did the inverse for you, confide in me, when he had harmed you and told unpleasant things, he did that to outrage you, to make you coordinated towards training, our phony marriage was a discipline for Anirudh, he had endured the agony alone, its a major verification that he will consistently be your better half, Anirudh isn’t giving everything in your connection, one day anybody would want for a husband like Anirudh, your connection will be composed by hardwork, your connection is lovely, consistently guard it, Anirudh doesn’t think about a young lady and wife, yet as Saraswati, everybody loves Saraswati yet doesn’t need her as sister or girl, Anirudh respects you a force who will get right and regard for ladies, the way is extreme, assuming you support him, he will make an approach to change the society.Bondita embraces her and says I misjudged you, you are great. Manorama vanishes. Bondita glances around. She sees the mirror. She reviews Anirudh. Rishta tera mera… .plays… . She types on the typewriter.


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