The scene begins with Anirudh returning and he says to Bondita that we should discover an answer not flee from issues. Sampoorna gets stunned and figures how might Anirudh returned unexpectedly early? Trilochan cautions her platitude dont meddle between spouse wife. They will tackle the matter. Bondita says she got terrified. Anirudh says I cannot flee from my duty. Presently just beneficial things will occur. Bondita thinks its the aftereffect of her quick. She says now we’ll remain together in every case right? We’ll play and eat rasgullas together.

Anirudh says you have gotten developed, for what reason will you do this things. Bondita apologizes to Anirudh for taking a chance with her life. Anirudh says he isn’t furious. She says she’ll make espresso for him once more. Anirudh says he’ll help her in doing as such.

In kitchen Anirudh says whatever he does is for Bondita’s acceptable as it were. Bondita says after quite a while we are not battling. Anirudh expresses gratitude toward Bondita for the espresso. He says noone can make such more delectable espresso than Bondita. Anirudh says Bondita has the right to receive a present consequently. Which will improve Bondita’s life. Bondita says she will prepare for Manorama’s marriage. Anirudh reviews he at last figured out how to tackle everything as he met somebody.

Bondita thanks dugga mama as Anirudh is carrying on with her pleasantly. She says she is cheerful reason she figures Anirudh will acknowledge her at long last on Manorama’s wedding. Bondita accepts that Anirudh will drop the appeal too. That will be his present for Bondita.

Bondita offers directions to everybody to organize everything appropriately for the marriage. Bondita asks Anirudh when will she get her blessing? Anirudh says show restraint. He thinks you’ll get your blessing on perfect time. I’ll help you to remember your primary point.

Manorama sits tight for aalta craftsman yet because of the defer Bondita chooses to apply aalta on Manorama’s hands. Bondita says nothing to be stressed of. All will be great. Manorama figures her central goal should become effective regardless. Bondita says I trust you get a spouse like my Patibabu. Somebody yells that Groom’s dad is absent. This marriage cannot occur. Trilochan says shagun ought to be given by Manorama’s in law. Be that as it may, her dad in law isn’t well. Bondita recommends Trilochan to offer shagun to Manorama.

As he is additionally similar to Manorama’s dad in law. Trilochan denies however Bondita tells like my Patibabu says we should arrive at the objective however the way we follow isn’t right, it doesn’t make any difference. Anirudh thinks he additionally going to follow incorrect approach to complete his work. It will lead Bondita to her brilliant future. Trilochan at last concurs and Manorama gets upbeat in the wake of getting the shagun.

Marriage begins. Bondita envisions herself in Manorama’s place. She envisions that she is wedding Anirudh. Bondita says she is seeing Anirudh all over the place. Anirudh goes to her. Bondita says to Anirudh that he wont go anyplace until the marriage customs end. She says guarantee me. Anirudh says I’ll be close by until the end of time. At whatever point you’ll require me I’ll come to you. Bondita again gets some information about the blessing and says she neglected to bring the laurels. She leaves. Read more