The Episode begins with Bondita saying you have grabbed Anirudh, would you be able to give him back to me. Manorama says I can give my life as well, what do you need. Bondita says I need to go in front of an audience with you to invite Viceroy. Manorama says no. She figures Bondita will likewise lose her life. She says no, I can’t take you in front of an audience. Anirudh considers Manorama. Manorama asks her what does she need. Bondita says I need Anirudh, I need you to leave him and disappear, I need him to turn out to be only my better half, I need everything to get fine, you never divide us. Manorama says on the off chance that I say indeed, I consent to everything..

I will give you Anirudh back, you will not discover me in the event that you need. Bondita asks promise.Manorama says I didn’t wish to get hitched, I had another explanation, I have some pixie work to do. Anirudh says I m happy to converse with you, would i be able to proceed to meet different officials. Vaibhavi says indeed, you have something first. The beverage falls on his garments. He says its alright, I will proceed to clean it.

Manorama says trust me, in the event that I would prefer not to take this coat, even I would have gone excessively far from you both, truly. She gives her bangle to Bondita. She says I m giving your privileges back. Anirudh goes to washroom and cleans his garments. He sees the police beating somebody. The official asks who is your assistant, advise me, else we will slaughter your child.

The man says no, we have come here to slaughter Viceroy by the bomb. The official asks what, how might the bomb come, there is tight security, come clean. The man says our helper has the bomb in the coat. Anirudh hears this and gets stunned. They trade the coats. The two of them take the extraordinary present for Viceroy. Bondita says you can’t grab my privilege from me this time. Read more…..