The Episode begins with Sampoorna saying I will be living in Binoy’s room from now. She requests that Bihari keep her old stuff, she needn’t bother with anything. Sampoorna reviews Trilochan’s words. Bondita appeases her. She requests that she give some an ideal opportunity to Trilochan, he is acceptable hearted, he will acknowledge her. Sampoorna says you are youthful, you won’t see this. Bondita asks what will I call you now, Didi, Sasumaa or Sampoorna Maa. Binoy inquires as to whether supper is prepared. Anirudh reviews about Trilochan’s slip-up, Bondita’s words and blows up. Binoy asks Sampoorna what is she doing in his room. She says I m your better half. He admonishes her and says I needed to accuse Trilochan, recollect that I disdain you. He discards things. She grins and asks are you irate, pause.


gets Anirudh’s pic outline and requests that he break it. Bondita comes to Anirudh and requests that he open the entryway. She says I realize you are irate on me, how might I persuade you now. She reviews their minutes. Binoy quiets down. Sampoorna says you can’t break Anirudh’s pic, how might you make him extremely upset, Anirudh has embraced you with satisfaction, this happened as a result of me, do you need me to confess to the key to Anirudh and Bondita. Bondita is outside the entryway. Sampoorna says they were embracing you, they won’t keep relations with you. Binoy submitted a mishap. He yells enough of your drivel. Bondita comes higher up. Binoy says you won’t express it to anybody. Sampoorna says I won’t ever allow you to fail to remember it, you will move on my fingers now, on the off chance that you hurt me, I won’t allow you to remain glad. Bondita comes and thumps the entryway. Sampoorna asks will I confess to the key to Bondita.

Bondita sees the things fallen on the ground. She asks did Binoy blow up on you. Sampoorna says no, seat tumbled somewhere near my hands. Bondita gives the chunar latkan. She requests that Sampoorna come and have food. She leaves. Binoy and Sampoorna contend. She says I need everybody to call me Badi Malkin rather the servant. She coerces him about his mystery, He takes a gander at her.

Bondita causes Sampoorna to sit with everybody. She goes to Anirudh and asks won’t you take food by my hands, my mum used to state that one shouldn’t be irate. Somnath says Trilochan said its time for my marriage, however father got hitched. Batuk says how might I tell my companions that my father got another mum for me. Sampoorna asks will we start the supper. Bondita says Trilochan would be coming. Trilochan comes. Binoy says Sampoorna is the Bahu of the house, I need to keep post marriage works tomorrow, Bihari, do the arrangements, else I will tell another person.

Trilochan says I m seeing unexpectedly that you changed so a lot, how could you get such convictions, nobody will do the capacities, who is cheerful aside from Sampoorna. Anirudh says I will do all the ceremonies, I don’t figure anybody ought to have an issue. Trilochan says fine, you do what you wnt, who needs me here, a lady can make a house paradise and furthermore hellfire. He goes. Bondita proceeds to request that he have food. Anirudh yells to her and requests that she serve food to Sampoorna Maa. Trilochan gets disturbed. He sits close to the pool and recalls everything. Bondita gets the food. She requests that he have food, its bad to leave the food out of resentment. She requests that he have food, won’t he tune in to his Bahu. He says I realize I needed Sampoorna to wed Bihari, however I didn’t request that anybody push her in a waterway, do you figure I can end somebody’s life. She says no, I confide in you, I additionally realize that Sampoorna is acceptable, you are grieved by Anirudh, he will be fine soon, his displeasure will end soon.

She acts like Anirudh. Trilochan snickers. He additionally acts like Anirudh. They giggle. He begins crying. She asks him not to stress, all that will get fine. She says very soon, you will say that none can be acceptable bahu like Sampoorna. He says I wish this can occur, Sampoorna was your shadow, however I have insight, I know the contrast among jewel and stone, you are the light and she is the night’s murkiness.