Barrister Babu 18 February 2021 written Episode Update

The scene begins with Anirudh chiding Bondita dreaming her to be prepared for suhaagraat. Bondita comes there with food and Anirudh has a go at clarifying her however she stops him. Bondita requests that he have food first as its her obligation to keep him cheerful. Anirudh denies her from going to his room and furthermore from calling him pati babu.

Bondita asks what’s going on did she do that he don’t need her to go to his room and is there any valid reason why she shouldn’t call him pati babu. Anirudh gets aggravated with her ceaseless tirades and requests that she quit calling him pati babu. He requests that she leave. Bondita leaves getting injured. Anirudh closes the entryway. She says that she won’t enter however asks him the explanation behind it. She says that that it was him who said nothing will change since she began bleeding yet what happened now.


Anirudh battles incapable to address question. Bondita denies leaving the entryway before he answers. The two of them sit on the two sides of the entryway. Anirudh discovers her staying in bed sitting position. He believes that how is it possible that he would disclose everything to her.


Next morning, Sampoorna deals with the customs. Trilochan begins trusting her yet Binoy feels aggravated. Sampoorna requests that Binoy begin confiding in her as well and requests an opportunity to substantiate herself. Binoy leaves baffled. Bondita awakens and discovers Anirudh missing from his room. Bondita enquires about where he went to servant.Bihari says that Anirudh has gone to bring Sumati as he doesn’t believe Mamaji’s words. Binoy and Sampoorna alarms while Trilochan feels that its privilege as Sumati can clarify Bondita about her obligations. Bondita gets glad that her mom is coming as now she will show a thing or two to Anirudh. Anirudh goes to Sumati’s home and finds the entryway bolted. Anirudh gets some information about Sumati and they say that she has gotten back from journey from long back stunning Anirudh.

Women prepares Bondita to get for her first evening. She gets energized over it unconscious of what’s going on with her. A young lady says that it will be all pleasant now however after that the entire life they need to endure. Different ladies drag her away and says Bondita that from today she needs to satisfy the obligations of a spouse by remaining in one room and fulfilling her better half.


They in a roundabout way prods her over first evening yet Bondita couldn’t get anything. She says the equivalent to house keeper. She simply snickers to offer organization to them. Anirudh finds out if they know about where she went. They say that she went to visit her little girl and never return. Anirudh gets stunned hearing it. Sampoorna gives sneaking a shot to stop Anirudh yet Trilochan stops her and gets some information about how she ought to act in her first night Sampoorna discloses everything to Bondita however Bondita accepts everything as fun ignorant of the genuine importance.

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