Barrister Babu 17 March 2021 Written Updates

The scene begins with Anirudh seeing Bondita. He gets stunned. Bondita cries and shows the tattoo to Anirudh saying would you be able to eliminate it? Bondita nods off. Anirudh comes to apply turmeric on Bondita’s hand. Bondita says this consideration and compassion towards one another is the thing that called love. Wouldn’t you say this is called spouse wife’s relationship.

Bondita says I realize you’ll come. We are comparative wouldn’t you say. Anirudh says assuming you get me, why you don’t get the way that your this sort of activities hurt me a great deal. I’m truly stung. I will not excuse you for this. Bondita says I am furious with you also. For what reason would you like to break our relationship? In the event that you advise me to turn into your slave. I will be one. Anirudh says don’t articulate such words once more. You are destined to fly. I caused you to see effectively that don’t underestimate your self confidence.


Bondita says yet individuals will give me regard just when I will get my better half’s affection and backing. Anirudh says who showed you this? I need you to become advodate. Bondita says without spouse, wife has no presence. I will become counselor yet as your better half. Individuals know me as your significant other as it were. She demands him to drop the request. Anirudh says he will not do it. After the endorsement kid marriage will be announced as illicit. Our relationship will be demonstrated unlawful also. Bondita gets stunned. She thinks to discover an answer.


Women tell Manorama and Bondita that to carry on with a glad existence with your spouses you can keep this quick. At that point you’ll need to take the kalas with you to the slope top. The water ought not tumble from that kalas. Its hazardous however you will get prasad from Shivji in the wake of finishing the excursion.

Anirudh goes to meet Principal. Anirudh figures he will applaud Bondita however Principal protests against Bondita saying she isn’t at all mindful. She doesn’t come to class routinely. Vermilion parcels were found in her pack also. She will come up short if things happen this way. Anirudh says on account of these traditions Bondita is going in misguided course. She has failed to remember her point. I’ll prevent Bondita from doing as such.


Bondita begins strolling shoeless to contact her objective. She feels torment yet continues to move. She says I’ll keep this quick ordinarily if my desire gets satisfied and Patibabu drops the request. She says I must be sufficient.Read More….


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