Thakumaa says this time, I actually have managed Bondita well, she can be able to now no longer see you again. Anirudh says if members of the family break, then simply the own circle of relatives involves restoration it, take it as my recommendation or request, go away your anger and ego, it makes human beings farfar from own circle of relatives, whom we adore the most.

She says small questioning stops you from progressing, however your questioning isn’t small, then cross in advance and keep Bondita, pay attention to me, there’s nevertheless time, whilst shall I ship the donkey at your door. He says I felt which you are a robust lady who follows your principles, however you’ve got got a loving coronary heart, I changed into incorrect, you’re sacrificing Bondita’s destiny to gratifying your ego, its imp to alternate with time, ladies may be driven lower back if ladies are like you. She says you’ve got got pulled her lower back, I m taking her in advance. She asks him to go away now. He leaves.

Thakumaa makes Bondita ready. Bondita asks why are you decking me up. Thakumaa says you ought to appearance good, you embellished the residence well, my friend’s daughter will are available a few time. Sumati seems on and cries. She thinks what’s going to appear whilst Bondita is aware of that Thakumaa selected this alliance for her.