Barrister Babu 17 February 2021 Written Updates

The Episode begins with Anirudh saying we ought to praise that Bondita’s test worked out positively. Mami says young ladies don’t do anything such during their periods. He asks in which book is it composed that young ladies can’t praise, stay glad or do anything of virtue during nowadays. He takes Bondita to have kulfi. She moves. They get back home. Sampoorna says Bondita has grown up, Trilochan kept the capacity, the women will favor her. Anirudh says its great. He hears the pandit conversing with Trilochan. He blows up and asks what did you say. The pandit says Purohit recently said that your better half has grown up, you both will begin another wedded life, you both can join together and stay in a similar room. Bondita asks don’t they realize that we are as of now wedded. Anirudh requests that she go to her room. Anirudh asks pandit to go, they won’t make any new beginning.

Pandit says this puja is pixie. Anirudh says I don’t need any such puja or rasam. Trilochan says Pandit ji, you can come, Anirudh will sit in the puja. Anirudh says I won’t sit in the puja. Trilochan says its a lady’s obligation to offer beneficiary to the family. Anirudh asks are you anticipating a youngster from Bondita, she is a child, she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what’s conjugal connection, she just entered another stage, its not Dharm, but rather a wrongdoing.


Trilochan says you are doing a transgression, conjugal connection finishes by association of heart and body. He asks pandit to get ready for puja. Anirudh and Bondita will sit in the puja. Anirudh goes. Trilochan goes to Sampoorna and says clarify Bondita, reveal to her that spouse has different obligations once she grows up, on the off chance that you prevail with regards to causing her to do the rasam, at that point I guarantee I will give you bahu’s privileges. Sampoorna says don’t stress, it will be an order, I will carry out my responsibility. He goes.Sampoorna requests that Bondita take some rest.


She masterminds the garments and says Anirudh has done a great deal for you, yet he would not like to turn into your significant other. Bondita says he is my significant other. Sampoorna says I wedded Binoy and rested in his room, a couple don’t rest in various rooms, you clarified me the significance of connection, don’t have the foggiest idea for what reason isn’t Anirudh giving you spouse’s correct. Bondita says don’t utter a word off-base about him, he generally does things right, we are a couple, we see one another, we hear each out other and stress moreover.

Sampoorna says you are together, not close, Trilochan has sent me to advise this to you. Trilochan says indeed, I have sent her to you, I need you to hear her out and comprehend her.She says you can clarify me, I will go inside the pantry. She sits inside the pantry and asks would you be able to hear me. He says yes. She says advise me, why not let me stay in your room, for what reason are you grabbing my privileges. He says how might I clarify, you can’t get it. She inquires as to why, I have grown up now, you clarify me everything like my mum, for what reason wouldn’t we be able to remain together, will things change between us.


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