Barrister Babu 16 February 2021 Written Updates

The Episode begins with Bondita marking Anirudh to hush up. Anirudh shrouds the cushions and gets calm. Trilochan says you instructed him to hush up before seniors, I m so content with you, I will appeal to God for you. He goes. Anirudh says you are requesting that I get peaceful, simply take this, utilization this and advise me if its agreeable, I will remain outside.

Mami says I have disclosed to you the best approach to administer, you have tossed us out, you changed a ton. Sampoorna says I didn’t transform, I have done this purposefully, I m your girl, I needed to do this to get my place, you need to go. Mami says the mystery needs to remain a mystery. Sampoorna says you need to deal with Sumati, its great that you both leave the haveli now. Mom gestures. Anirudh poses Bondita to peruse the inquiry paper cautiously and keep in touch with her test. Trilochan comes


furthermore, closes the entryway. He says Bondita will not go for tests, she isn’t a child now, her periods have begun, she has become a lady in genuine sense, there would be an explanation, she will not go out till her periods end.


He reviews Sampoorna uncovering about Bondita’s periods. Sampoorna looks on. Anirudh says Bondita will give her tests. He contends with Trilochan. He says you need her to be in the room and endure. Mami tells the women that Bondita’s feminine cycle has begun, Bondita doesn’t tune in to Trilochan.

She says we have left the haveli, don’t advise about Bondita to anybody. She leaves. Trilochan asks do you figure I could do without her. He says think for her advancement, keep your energy aside, ladies need to endure torment in their periods, we can’t comprehend their torment. Anirudh says indeed, every lady has her own sentiments, she ought to choose for it, a man who doesn’t realize that feeling shouldn’t choose it.


Anirudh requests that Bondita answer, does she need to give her test, is she terrified of the general public. Bondita talks like Anirudh. She says society thinks its a shortcoming, I will battle with this shortcoming and accomplish my objective, I will show mental fortitude which each lady should show, I will satisfy my fantasy which each young lady should see. Anirudh grins. Anirudh says I got favored by Durga maa, I will be glad. She holds Anirudh’s hand. Tujhme roshan hoga suraj… .plays… They venture out of the hand. Everybody in the path takes a gander at Bondita.

The woman says don’t go close to this heathen. Anirudh says I disclosed to you that society will do this, in the event that you are frightened, you can advise me. Bondita isn’t terrified of anybody. Anirudh signs her to come.


Trilochan blows up hearing the women’s insults. Sampoorna says I have an approach to stop their insults. She reveals to her thought. Trilochan says Bondita will not deny for this. Anirudh takes Bondita with her. She says I had recalled al the appropriate responses.

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