Bondita coming to the corridor carrying Anirudh’s garments. Bihari sees her and asks why did you put on Anirudh’s garments. She asks how should I are available sopping wet garments, you recognize the children’ mischief, Anirudh left me there. He asks her to move and put on her garments. She says I can’t put on my garments, its now no longer my mistake. He says as soon as he receives angry, no one can calm him, there has been simply one female who should calm him down, Bondita bahurani, she used to make him speechless with the aid of using her arguments. Anirudh calls him.

Bihari asks her to cover. She hides. Anirudh solutions a call. He sees Bondita and asks what are you doing here. She begins offevolved arguing. She says you have to have proven difficulty for him, you left from there, its your mistake. He says I can’t argue with you, supply my garments, put on any saree. She asks why, you suggest ladies can’t put on boys’ garments. He says I didn’t say that, ladies have to put on what they like, due to the fact ladies and boys are equal.

She says no, it turned into now no longer your mistake, it turned into my mistake also. He says no, it turned into simply my mistake, supply my garments to me. He calls Sampoorna. He says earlier than I move mad, supply her any garments and take my garments. Bondita thinks you’re nonetheless the same, I ought to remind you that pen fits to your hand, gun doesn’t suit.

Anirudh receives angrily staring at the children. The children argue and laugh. Shashwati says we are able to undergo punishment, don’t scold us, we get tears in our eyes. Anirudh says I won’t scold, I will supply punishment, you may get khichdi in meals today. He is going. The children make a face. Bondita wears a saree. She sees Binoy’s pic. She thinks I didn’t see him anywhere. Sampoorna asks do you recognize carrying saree. Bondita says yes, however now no longer like my sister, she isn’t here, you assist me. Sampoorna says best. She teaches Bondita. She asks why do you problem Anirudh. Bondita says I like Anirudh, however how can he stay with out a smile. Sampoorna says the motive might be huge. Bondita says I need to understand it, I even have visible anyone disappointed here, what passed off, why don’t you smile, inform me.

Sampoorna says move and have a look at. She is going. Bondita is going to her room. She remembers her childhood. She thinks I had spent plenty time here. She tests a few diary. She thinks how will I understand it, how the whole lot modified here. Someone hits her. She receives scared and runs. Someone follows her, carrying a frightening mask. He says she can be able to kill anyone, she is Bondita. Anirudh calms him down. He eliminates the mask. Bondita receives taken aback seeing Binoy. She cries. Anirudh says I will kill anyone, don’t fear. Binoy says I will cover here, inform them that king were given hidden. Anirudh says believe me, no person will harm you, come. Binoy says she is Bondita. Anirudh says she is Vaijanti, our guest.

Anirudh says I understand you purchased scared, don’t fear, the whole lot is best. Somnath says not anything will alternate, matters aren’t best. Anirudh asks him to look time and situation, and communicate. Somnath says fact won’t alternate, Bondita is the motive for this hatred and enmity, Binoy is on this nation due to her. Binoy receives angry. Anirudh takes Binoy. Somnath says in case you didn’t take her to London, then we’d have now no longer visible this. Bondita cries. Sampoorna involves her. She says you purchased scared, consider Anirudh, whilst he noticed this happening. Bondita asks what passed off. Sampoorna says Krishnanagar human beings did this. She tells the whole lot.

She says Anirudh went to Thakumaa yet again with a peace thought, even if his existence turned into in risk. FB indicates Anirudh going to fulfill Thakumaa. Anirudh says we can’t alternate something passed off, we didn’t cover the bomb withinside the gifts, we aren’t accountable for Rimjhim and Shomik’s death. Thakumaa kicks him. She asks him to move domestic and spot her reply. He runs domestic. He sees Trilochan overwhelmed up and arrested. He argues with inspector. Trilochan says don’t fear for me, move and keep your dad, Krishnanagar human beings stuck him. Chandrachur receives Binoy overwhelmed up with the aid of using his men. Anirudh involves keep Binoy. He says we didn’t cover the bomb n the gifts. Chandrachur says you need to supply your existence and pay for it. Binoy receives injured on his head. Anirudh shouts. He takes him to hospital. Doctor says he misplaced his intellectual stability due to the top injury. Anirudh and Trilochan cry seeing him.

Trilochan says you went with peace thought twice, what did you get, I turned into despatched to jail, Binoy were given attacked, he misplaced his intellectual stability, we misplaced our admire and our cherished one. Anirudh cries. He says I had asked them, they didn’t apprehend, we are able to supply them hatred for hatred and bullet for a bullet, they may see how I can take a existence and maintain rivalry, now there might be simplest enmity. FB ends. Sampoorna says Binoy will in no way get best, Anirudh has taken him to huge doctors, however not anything worked, I did incorrect with Bondita, perhaps I m getting punished for my incorrect deeds. Bondita is going. Trilochan calls her out. He says something passed off today, I m sorry. She asks him now no longer to apologize, however bless her. He says Shashwati turned into proper approximately you, Anirudh will drop you domestic. He asks Anirudh to drop her to the station. He says its my command. Read More……..