Barrister Babu 15 February 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Bondita saying I feel stomach hurt, I will just come. She disappears. Mami says Bondita actually confides in you, she didn’t tell your name. Bondita cries in her room. She reviews Sampoorna’s words. Sampoorna comes and asks will not you see my face now. She inquires as to for what reason did you lie to me, for what reason did you do this with me, I have consistently adored you and regarded you, when you turned into my Saas, I have called you Maa, for what reason did you change. Sampoorna cries. Anirudh tests a wide range of fabric material to know its engrossing limit. He requests that Koyli fill cotton in the fabric and line it. She dismisses. He asks what’s there to be timid, what will befall young ladies if senior ladies don’t clarify them. He says no young lady should experience that dread, will you line this material, please.

She gestures. He expresses gratitude toward her. She makes a few cushions by sewing the cotton in the fabric. She says I wish each man thought like you, Bondita is fortunate to get a spouse like you. He says wrong, I m fortunate to get Bondita.


Sampoorna says nobody gave me regard and love in this house, even in my first marriage, I didn’t get love from parents in law, I felt shaky even here, I needed to make my place secure here, everybody loves you here, I got desirous of you. Bondita says I regarded you and thought you are superior to me, you have broken everything, you sent me away from everybody, its strong thing to help others, would you be able to get regard by offending somebody. Sampoorna says I have harmed your heart and did a wrongdoing, I will atone, I will part with my life. She runs. Bondita pursues her and stops her. They cry. Sampoorna asks how will I respond, would i be able to meet your eyes, when everybody knows my wrongdoing, how might I face Anirudh and family. Bondita asks her not. She says I won’t tell anybody, I didn’t disclose to Anirudh that you filled dread in my psyche, I won’t ever advise him, I don’t need your name to get ruined. Sampoorna says I will restore the garments and adornments. Bondita says I m not talking regarding it.


Sampoorna apologizes to Trilochan for harming him. She says Bondita opened my eyes, I m embarrassed. Mom asks what’s this dramatization. Mami says she is tricking Trilochan. Sampoorna says I fouled up with all of you, she instructed me that relations are the large resources. Anirudh inquires as to for what reason did you need to do this. Sampoorna says I m sorry. Trilochan says I won’t ever pardon you, never. He yells.

Bondita drones shlok. She says one’s solidarity is in pardoning, absolution keeps the universe adjusted, you had shown this shlok to me. Anirudh grins. She says Gandhi ji likewise says this, that powerless individual can never pardon. Trilochan asks will you let me win before your contentions, its fine, I feel glad to lose to you, Anirudh is an attorney, when you contend, I believe I m remaining in your court, truly, I feel strained and astounded. Mom and Mami grimace. Bondita says we additionally mixed up that we didn’t confide in one another, should we not allow to Sampoorna to redress her mix-up, did you pardon her. Trilochan says I m apologizing for misconception Bondita, you need to demonstrate that you have the right to turn into our bahu, you are somewhat equivalent to Bondita. Sampoorna gestures. She requests that Mama and Mami take off from the house.


She admonishes them. She says its great that Bondita demonstrated me the correct way, else I would have consumed this house. She requests that they leave. Trilochan says leave. They go. Trilochan says Sampoorna made the correct stride now, it happened as a result of Bondita, she saved the house once more, I m glad for her. He embraces Anirudh and Bondita. They all embrace. Sampoorna thinks you be upbeat Trilochan, I made a little trade off to get a major success in this haveli. Bondita prepares for school. Anirudh gives her the sterile cushions. She says its so delicate and bright. He says its for your utilization, you don’t have to tear the draperies, I got this made for you, utilize this and advise me if its agreeable when you walk and sit, we will make changes to it. Trilochan gets down on her.



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