She says this time, I have accompanied a rationale. She does the show. She says I need to make Anirudh the bygone one, he discussed harmony, new reasoning and instruction, on the off chance that I get my old Anirudh back, we will end this hatred, favor me, invigorate me. Anirudh says she was talking relentless coming, sorry, I can’t educate her. Trilochan says show her, she will track down a decent person, folks need instructed young ladies nowadays, this change has come as a result of you. Anirudh says I m happy and need young ladies to get instructed, yet I can’t educate her. Trilochan says I gave my statement. Anirudh says fine, I will show her, send her to contemplate. He goes. Trilochan requests that Bihari send Vaijanti to Anirudh’s examination.

Bondita comes to Anirudh. He says once you concentrate well, you will not have to come here. She says I m not in a rush. He blows up on her. She says don’t blow up, I will concentrate with time. He shows her Varnamala. She goes to sit alongside him. He moves away. He asks what’s happening with you. She asks how might we see one another if there is distance, I mean I don’t comprehend from far. He inquires as to why, are ears harmed. She says no, time is terrible, love and studies can’t occur from far. He asks what. She says battle and studies can’t occur from far. He says lets center around examines. He goes to compose on the board. She inquires as to for what reason didn’t you wed. He asks would we be able to focus on investigations or not. She says I m focusing.

She thinks on the off chance that I compose it, he will question me. She requests that how compose, I can’t compose. He asks wouldn’t you be able to compose it. She ties her hair and says its simple, did you comprehend. He says no. She says its intense for you, same way composing letters in order is extreme for me. She says assuming I don’t pick up composition, how might I get hitched, you didn’t say, for what reason didn’t you get hitched. He holds her hand and makes her compose. She grins. Rishta tera mera… .plays… He sees her grinning and moves from her.

Bondita is in kitchen. She says before Anirudh comes, she can eat 2-3 kachoris. She attempts to reach to flour holder, actually like in her youth days. The compartment opens and flour falls on her. Trilochan, Anirudh, Bihari come there and they say Bondita