The Episode begins with Manorama seeing Anirudh. He takes the coat and says its excellent, what’s inside, are you going to accomplish something that stuns me, Manorama I got a string move with Bondita, mention to me what’s going on. Bondita discloses to some plan to Koyli and giggles. Manorama says nothing, you know me and my main goal. He says indeed, I know your courageous energy for the country. She says I regard your assurance towards Bondita’s fantasies, you are thinking beyond practical boundaries for your better half.

He says I came to advise you, I called the school, the questioner will come back once more, he consented to allow to Bondita, this time she will pass and go there tomorrow itself, she needs to leave before you go, I don’t need my hardwork to go waste. He cries and says I need to send her.Bondita says I will pull the string and get the coat. Bihari requests that she stand by. She hears Bihari available to come in to work and thinks somebody has played this trick. She runs back to her room. Bihari signals Bondita. Bondita gets a stool to get the coat. She doesn’t take it. She runs from the window. Manorama goes to the room. She sees the coat. Manorama says Bondita would have advised Bihari to do this. She takes the coat.

Trilochan sees Bondita making a few flavors. He says I think some delightful food is in making. She says yes. She gets a plan to change the coat. She says I can make food, join garments and do everything what an ideal bahu ought to do. He snickers and says yes. She says this became conceivable as a result of your direction. He says I recollect, for what reason are you saying it now. She says I was simply saying thanks to you, you showed me everything, you are Paras, whatever you contact will get gold. He giggles. She says you are so well known, yet Manorama… let it be.

He asks how did she respond, advise me. She says he doesn’t do anything, you have instructed everything to me, why not Manorama. He says nobody can disclose to me anything, I can educate Manorama. She says at that point instruct her.Trilochan yells Manorama. She comes. He requests that she learn things. Bondita giggles. He requests that Bondita get instruments and weapons for Manorama. Manorama thinks does he think about my main goal. Bondita gets cooking tools. He requests that she clean the rice.

Binoy comes and looks on. Trilochan requests that she clean the whole sack. Manorama says I don’t have any acquaintance with it. Trilochan admonishes her. Binoy says tell another person, we got this opportunity to go to Viceroy’s welcome due to Manorama. Bondita thinks I needed to change the coat. Manorama asks will I proceed to plan for the occasion. Bondita says she is going, simply see. Trilochan stops Manorama. He says you need to clean the rice, up to that point you can’t go to make any arrangements.