Barrister Babu 13 February 2021 Written Update

She says like you encouraged me in science class, the cotton wasn’t sufficient, how might I go out. Anirudh says I m glad that you are utilizing your insight in day by day life, you can go out, don’t think periods are an obstacle in your life, think about some approach to maintain a strategic distance from the issues, I will discover an answer for you, that you don’t deal with any issue in your test. She asks truly.

He says truly. She says in the event that this occurs, at that point I will not be terrified of periods. He says you ought to lack frightened on the off chance that you told somebody, in the event that not me, at that point you ought to have told Sampoorna, for what reason didn’t you advise her. Bondita reviews Sampoorna’s words.


He asks what occurred, for what reason did you look strained, advise me. Mami says Bondita will take your name Anirudh will toss you out, the game will be finished. Sampoorna stresses. Read Full….


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