Barrister Babu 13 April 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Bondita requesting that the tailor make a similar dress for her. Manorama says I will be prevailing in my central goal. Bondita grins seeing the dress arrangements. The tailor readies a similar dress. Anirudh thinks does Bondita need my assistance. Bihari flags her. Bondita gets ready. She requests that the tailor get going to stow away. Bihari says nothing, I was simply breathing easy.

Anirudh comes to see Bondita. She conceals the dress material and sewing machine from him. She sees the string roll. She requests that he look that side. He gets the string roll and asks what are you stowing away from me, how is this string roll doing you. Manorama attempts the coat once. Bondita says indeed, I m concealing some amazement from you, it will stun you.


He asks how will you respond. She says I can’t reveal to you.Anirudh says Bondita is a decent understudy, I demand you to give her one more possibility, kindly, last time, she got terrified and couldn’t utter a word, yet this time, everything is absolutely acceptable, she is endeavoring to contemplate. The man says seeing your conviction, I will give her a possibility, on the off chance that she passes the meeting, she needs to go to the lodging tomorrow itself, would you be able to hear me. Anirudh says yes.


The man asks are you prepared for this. Anirudh says indeed, I will send her with you tomorrow. The man says fine, I will come. Anirudh closes the call and says you will leave tomorrow, I feel upset. He considers Bondita and applauds her. Bondita and Batuk are in transit. They purchase treats floss on the lookout. She purchases leafy foods for him. She requests that he not tell anybody at home. He says you have started things out and got an opportunity to invite the Viceroy, why not have any desire to advise this to anybody at home, its an uplifting news. She says when I go in front of an audience to invite the Viceroy, at that point Anirudh will be so pleased with me.

Manorama join the coat by and by. Anirudh comes and asks what are you stowing away, is the coat prepared, show me. She thinks I have covered up the bomb in this. Bondita sees her dress/coat and grins. She requests that Koyli see, its a similar like Manorama’s. Koyli says we can successfully join Anirudh and you. Bondita thinks to trade the coats, and wear the one made by Anirudh.


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