Anirudh poses inquiry and Betty’s group offers all the responses to Anirudh. Betty calls Masterji to pose inquiry from Bondita. Bondita neglects to address any question. She fears Masterji. Anirudh requests that Bondita answer however Bondita don’t articulate a word.

Betty derides Anirudh and requests that she make his stride back. Anirudh hauls Bondita and blows up on Bondita for not answering. He gets baffled with Anirudh. Bondita sees manikin and thinks something. Ahead, Ilaichi incite Suraiya and Bholi against Anirudh.

She proposes them to flee from the house. Opposite side, Bondita with the assistance of manikin causes Anirudh to understand that, he is not any more great Anirudh who used to be her solidarity. She cries. Anirudh sits stunned.