Anirudh is on the lookout. Bondita hears the women insulting her that she was unable to win her better half’s heart. She says I have no blemishes in me, I m attempting to win his heart. The women request that she accomplish her better half’s help. They favor her and go.

Bondita goes to purchase the sindoor boxes. She requests that the man give her 50 boxes. Anirudh says young ladies can get instruction at the school, send the young ladies to class. He attempts to persuade individuals. Bondita says I came to purchase the sindoor during the mid-day break. The man says I will clearly teach my little girl. Anirudh expresses gratitude toward her. Bondita sees Anirudh there and thinks its a sign from Durga Maa. She moves.

She gets back home. Anirudh gets back home and sees her grinning. He asks what’s going on with you. She squeezes him and says sorry. She says he is truly here. He asks what occurred, which subject are you thinking. She says my fav subject.

He says english… fantastic. She says yes. He sees the paper cut. She figures he can think about the sindoor promotion, that I purchased the sindoor.