Barrister Babu 12 February 2021 Written Updates

Anirudh hangs tight for Bondita. Bondita stresses in her room. Sampoorna says Bondita will do as I instructed her. Anirudh comes to call Bondita. He thumps on the entryway.

He says in the event that you don’t open the entryway, at that point I will break inside the entryway. She goes out from the other entryway. He sees the drape pieces on the bed. He sees the torn drapery. Bondita gets stomach torment. He says she had torn the drape once more, why this cotton, she isn’t examining, she is doing everything. She covers up inside a pantry.


She says he will not fall in a tough situation in view of my revile. She gets injured by nail. She cries. He searches for her. He yells Bondita. He gets a letter piece. He peruses, Maa. revil. Read More……


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