The Episode begins with Bondita saying Thakumaa, you here, I have grown up. Thakumaa insults her. Bondita says you saved me from Mami and that hooligan. Thakumaa says I know it well that family’s regard can’t remain out. Bondita asks how could you realize that I m at serious risk. Thakumaa says I have 20 heads, you will see it. Bondita says I was in the inn, I was concentrating there. Thakumaa says until young lady’s hand is scorched, her qualities can’t be known.

Bondita says you are so acceptable. Thakumaa favors her. Bondita says I recall your reprimanding and father getting desserts for me. Thakumaa says when a lady loses her significant other, at that point she gets insults, similar to it occurred with your mum. Bondita says she is with you, right, advise me, where is she, I need to meet her. She flees. Thakumaa requests that she stop. Bondita sees Sumati getting

treated. Trilochan sees Anirudh unwell and cries. Bihari says Anirudh was going to meet a mishap, he returned from death. Bondita asks what befallen Sumati. Thakumaa says I will make her fine, you appeal to God for her.

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Bondita says indeed, I will petition God for her, how did this occur. Thakumaa says she was concerned for you, she was cooking one day, she blacked out and fell over the oven. Bondita cries and say you would be in torment, right. Sumati says I had torment, however Thakumaa treated me, she said she will get you to me, presently you have come, I will get fine, all that will get fine. Bondita deals with her. Trilochan says I m inclination terrible seeing Anirudh’s state. Sampoorna says you can’t discover Bondita, where will you discover her, its great she went, by what connection she might have remained here, think she has passed on. Trilochan blows up. She says truth will not change, she isn’t identified with this house now. She goes. Bondita says I need to make an impression on Tulsipur.

Thakumaa stops Rimjhim and insults her. Rimjhim acclaims the medications made by Thakumaa. Thakumaa says I m vulnerable to accomplish this work, else ladies shouldn’t get out of the house, ladies stay protected inside the house. She requests that Rimjhim leave.

She asks where are your little girls Tupur and Tapur. Rimjhim says they went for puja. Thakumaa says Bondita will likewise go with them, Bondita got earth to her. Bondita sees Tulsipur composed on an envelope. She thinks to compose a letter to Anirudh and sent with the medications. Trilochan requests that Anirudh stop. Anirudh runs out. Trilochan asks how might you discover Bondita in this state. Anirudh says I will discover her. Bihari says I got a letter from Bondita. Anirudh requests that he give it. He peruses, Bondita is fine at Thakumaa’s place, Sumati got consumes, she is with her mum to deal with her. Trilochan says say thanks to God she is fine.

Anirudh says Thakumaa’s town name is Krishnanagar, I need to go there. Trilochan stresses and stops him. He says you will not go alone, I will likewise go along. He requests that Bihari plan. Sampoorna looks on. Tupur and Tapur play. Bondita comes to them. Tapur goes to Thakumaa and says Bondita has sent a letter to Anirudh.Thakumaa gets stunned. Anirudh says this location was composed on the letter, its this house, it implies we are only couple of steps from Bondita.

Trilochan says it very well may be a profound valley also, don’t get too cheerful, our own sight gets it in some cases. Anirudh requests that he come. Trilochan says you go, I will come later, I don’t feel better, I will take rest here. Anirudh says fine, Bihari stay with Kaka. Anirudh grins and considers Bondita. Thakumaa comes to Bondita and chides her for composing a letter.