Barrister Babu 11 March 2021 Written Update

She says your marriage with Anirudh is additionally off-base, you are excessively youthful, youngster marriage is likewise a terrible custom, that is the reason Anirudh advised you so.

Trilochan yells enough, what’s the need to say the past, will it advantage, quit saying it. Bondita says no, this isn’t reality, all of you are lying, I will ask Anirudh. She races to Anirudh and asks don’t you respect our marriage valid, were you going to wed Saudamini, advise me, you wedded me to save me from Sati custom, am I a weight for you.


He closes the entryway and window. She yells. She says I will not go until you come clean, did Sampoorna say reality. He says let me be, yes Sampoorna has said reality, you are my duty, are you done at this point. Rishta tera mera… plays… They cry.


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