Barrister Babu 11 February 2021 Written Updates

The Episode begins with Anirudh training Bihari to cause Bondita to learn it. Bondita hears him and thinks he is buckling down for the wellbeing of I, I m frightened that his life will get in peril as a result of me. She closes the entryway. Bihari says Bondita has closed the entryway. Anirudh keeps on instructing. He signs Bihari and goes. She thinks perhaps he got vexed and left. She comes out to see. Anirudh returns with a speaker. Bondita runs back to her room. She closes her ears. Anirudh asks Bihari would you be able to hear me now. She figures I can’t hear this, else the revile will return.

Anirudh keeps instructing in a boisterous sound. Binoy says I can’t talk in light of this clamor. Sampoorna comes and says everybody is messed with Bondita. He says wrong, our difficulties began since you came here. Anirudh instructs Bondita


a similar way. Bihari grins. Days pass. Sampoorna comes and says you are buckling down, everybody is concerned, is this influencing Bondita. Anirudh says don’t stress, Bondita will return like previously, a debt of gratitude is in order for the espresso. He educates Bondita. Bondita tackles her job. Anirudh comes and says Bondita is prepared to give the test, right. She says I will not give the test. He gets stunned.


He says in the event that she doesn’t give the test, at that point all my diligent effort will go waste, what will I do now. Sampoorna gets tea for Binoy. Binoy asks are you going anyplace. Anirudh says truly, I m going to get Sumati, up to that point we will not have the foggiest idea about Bondita’s concern, Bondita needs to compose the test, else her scholarly year will go waste. Mom says don’t stress, I will proceed to come. Anirudh says proceed to get Sumati. He goes. Anirudh gathers a sack for Bondita. He says once Sumati comes, Bondita can disclose to her concern to her and go for giving test. Bondita hears this and grins. Mom comes and says Sumati didn’t get back from tirat, she will remain there for a half year more. Anirudh stresses. Mother goes.

Anirudh says I can’t excuse myself if her entire year gets ruined. Bondita’s tear falls on his hand. He says I realize you are here, I will take you for the test, on the off chance that you don’t come, at that point you will see me dead. Bondita cries and rushes to her room. She says Anirudh will place his life in danger, what will I do now, advise me. She reviews the revile. She checks her garments. She gets stomach throb and says possibly I got the revile by and by. She cries and tosses things. She appeals to God for Anirudh. Rishta tera mera… plays… Sampoorna comes and asks what occurred. Bondita says you said my revile will disappear in the event that I don’t consider, for what reason did the revile strike me once more. Sampoorna thinks this time, she got the time frames cycle seven days ahead of schedule, I need to utilize this opportunity. She quiets down Bondita. Bondita says I have become an explanation behind my family’s distress.


She says don’t cry, don’t go to Anirudh or see his face, this will be ideal for you. She embraces Bondita.

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