In any case, Anirudh recommends Manorama to welcome Bhaibhavi well. So Baibhavi gets dazzled and permits her to go to the show of Vice Roy. Anirudh says Bhaibhavi likes English breakfast. Manorama can give her those. Manorama concurs.

Manorama endeavors to make cake and Bondita sees her. She feels Manorama will make another calamity dish. Bondita envisions Anirudh is yelling subsequent to eating the stone like hard cake. Vatuk discloses to Bondita that in the event that one gets great imprints in test she/he will get the degree to invite Vice Roy General. Bondita doesn’t hear him. Manorama leaves imagining that she will intrigue Bhaibhavi with the cake. Bondita chooses to make the cake again so Anirudh will eat it. Read more…..