Somebody arrives at the lodging. Anirudh says no compelling reason to stress, nobody knows where we are, its better that even you don’t think about us, who realizes our foe is hearing our discussions and getting ready to assault.

Trilochan says fine, make me converse with Bondita once, I will not ask where is she, I have this right. Anirudh says sure, I will make you converse with her, we are protected, I will keep you refreshed. He closes call and goes to the room.Anirudh requests that Bondita open the entryway.

She discovers the entryway stuck. She says I m fine, the entryway isn’t opening. He says pull more enthusiastically, attempt to pivot the lock. She attempts and says its not opening. He says stand by, shut the windows first. She says every one of the windows are closed, what occurred. He says be cautious, I will get keys from the supervisor, don’t open the windows. He goes. She gets stunned seeing some shadow at the window. Read more….