Barrister Babu 1 March 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Bondita really focusing on Anirudh. She says I can’t see the mosquitoes messing with you. She makes a tent for him by utilizing the sarees. He grins and thinks I wish the general public was reformist and allowed to young ladies to stride ahead. She says the mosquitoes will not mess with you now. He expresses gratitude toward her and grins. He says I confide in you, you will end up being a model for some young ladies, you will end up being a motivation, I guarantee I will assume you to that position, I will take the necessary steps.

Its morning, Bondita awakens. Anirudh blindfolds her and takes her to show the latrine. She asks how did this come for the time being. He says enchantment. She sees the concrete blemishes on his shirt. She sees his hands turned red. She asks did you make this short-term. He says I guaranteed you, I will not allow you to go to the lake to wash up,


our neighbor has caused me, he got the material around evening time and I attempted to make it, will be it acceptable. She says yes. The women come and inquire as to whether she will come to wash at the lake. She says no, Anirudh has assemble a restroom for me short-term. Anirudh says all of you can likewise utilize this. The woman says our spouses won’t ever concur, however we feel bashful to scrub down outside. They call Bondita fortunate. The woman says Anirudh loves you a great deal, he is one out of many.


The women grin. Bondita takes a gander at Anirudh. Anirudh and the women go. Bondita reviews the woman’s words and grins. Anirudh designs the house. He makes a segment. He requests that Bondita head inside and prepare, this is her own space. Bondita says you have made a space for me. She requests that he take care of an issue, there is no mirror, she discovers extreme to apply a bindi. He says I will get the mirror on return. She says I need to apply it now. He says I have an answer. She asks what arrangement. He says before you, simply look cautiously. She says you are before me. He says I m your answer, I will end up being your mirror, I will advise you and you apply the bindi. He manages her. Anirudh requests that she apply it right. She grins.

Anirudh works outside the court. He prepares the papers. The man gives some cash and says I will give the cash after the case. Anirudh says its my first acquiring subsequent to going out, presently I can pay her school charges, no, she has requested that I get a mirror. He goes to purchase a mirror. The man says I will simply get it. Anirudh checks different mirrors. He says this will likewise be beneficial for her. Bondita sees the women and gets down on them. She says Anirudh has bolted the entryway, he said the circumstance is tense, so he has bolted the entryway. The english officials attempt to discover a psychological militant. The young lady pushes Anirudh inside and locks the entryway. Anirudh asks who are you. The young lady requests that he get peaceful. The officials thump the entryway. Anirudh exposes the young lady. The woman says Anirudh esteems you a ton and bolted you for wellbeing, perhaps you kept diets to get such a spouse, you are exceptionally fortunate, I would have fallen head over heels in love and got frantic for him.Anirudh takes a gander at the young lady. Bondita asks am I frantic in Anirudh’s affection. Official says whoever tells about you will get a prize. The young lady takes off the dark coat and wears her dupatta. Anirudh dismisses. Bondita asks how can you say whether I have love for him. The woman asks do your cheeks turn red. Bondita says I didn’t see. The woman requests that she see it today. Bondita says OK, I will see today, is there some other way. The woman asks does your heart beat stop on seeing him. Bondita asks will not I pass on at that point. The woman says you will not bite the dust when this occurs in affection, think you are infatuated. Anirudh stops the young lady. The young lady says don’t contact me, I m a political dissident. He says english officials think something different, are you a political dissident or somebody fierce. She says investigate my eyes, you will know it, my eyes have a fantasy to free this country. She requests that he contact her injuries and hear the call for opportunity. She says I have shed blood for my country, in the event that you think I m a fear based oppressor, you can reveal to them that I m here. The officials attempt to break the entryway. She bounces outside through the window.


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