Barrister Babu 03 February 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Bondita composing how might Anirudh will take care of this issue when he doesn’t think about it. She composes that I have a seeping from my body, I feel a great deal of torment. I don’t play or grin, just come to me and help me, I don’t have a clue what to do. She cries in torment. Sampoorna says Binoy mentioned me not to advise this to Anirudh and Bondita, I got him in my grasp by wedding him. She says I was tired by hearing the insults, Trilochan believes being a widow isn’t right, I will end up being his family’s bahu and deliver retribution on him, I will break his pride and get harmony, I will get the adoration and regard, I got you here from the emergency clinic by grabbing you, none can think about you until my fantasy satisfies, I will arrive at my point. Bondita says you simply embrace me and be with me, return soon Maa, I m pausing

for you.


She keeps the letter. Anirudh reviews his chiding. Sampoorna comes and says she is irate, I will take care of her the food, you can go. Anirudh goes. Sampoorna comes to Bondita and requests that she have food. Bondita says I have composed a letter for mum, however I don’t have the location. Sampoorna says I have the location, I will send it to her. She requests that Bondita take rest. Sampoorna goes to Mami. Mami gets the letter and says we are not less savvy. Mom says indeed, your mum is extremely savvy. Mami tears the letters. Bondita asks. Mami tosses the letter pieces out of the window.


The paper pieces fly inside the house. The papers each Anirudh’s examination. He sits stressed. Sampoorna says we had sent the letter, Bondita will question on the off chance that she doesn’t get the letter. Mami says she will get an answer from Mama, not her mum. She causes Mama to compose the phony letter. She says Sampoorna will cause you to dispose of this revile. Bondita dreams everybody spitting blood due to the revile. She awakens and cries. She says I can’t take my shadow close to them. She acts to rest when Anirudh comes. Anirudh thinks possibly she isn’t fine, I will let her rest. Rishta tera mera… plays… He goes.

Anirudh gets a call from a social reformer. The man lauds him for completing Bondita’s affirmation in the school. He says we need to continue to attempt to make attention to help ladies. He welcomes Bondita and Anirudh in the occasion. He says Bondita is the main young lady to go to class, I need her to talk her perspectives on the ladies instruction to move different ladies. Anirudh says we will clearly come, it will be an honor for us. He grins and says I will give this uplifting news to Bondita. He goes to Bondita’s room. She gets up and sits back to restrict her shadow from contacting him. He passes the coconut shell telephone to converse with her. He says I had been furious on Bondita, she is angry with me, she got a welcome from Brahmo samaj, the boss called and needed Bondita to give a talk on young ladies instruction, I concurred for it, Bondita won’t leave this opportunity, she will offer boldness to the young ladies to tune in to their heart. She stresses.


He says I will sit tight for Bondita there, I have a pixie work, I will send the vehicle for her, I m sure that she will come. He sees the torn shade. She thinks in the event that he thinks about the revile, he may get some information about the window ornament. He figures where did the half drape go. He thinks to inquire. He says I will go at this point. She says I m not a similar Bondita now, for what reason will remain by you, I need to reveal to you everything except for on the off chance that anything incorrectly happens to you and family, how will I respond, I will get my shadow far from you. She cries. Rishta tera mera… plays…



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