Barrister Babu 02 February 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Sampoorna tricking Bondita about the infection. She asks her not to inform anybody regarding the sickness, else she will be deserted. Bondita cries. Sampoorna says you got reviled by Durga Maa, you got my folks offended, you got rebuffed. She sees the keys. She reviews Mami’s words. Sampoorna says Bondita isn’t a similar at this point. Mami requests that she prevent Bondita from advising truth to Anirudh. Sampoorna says on the off chance that the issue comes out, at that point we will be tossed out of the town. Mami requests that she respect Bondita her foe from now, prevent Bondita and Anirudh from joining together. FB closes. Sampoorna says I have an answer for stop this. Bondita inquires as to whether there is any arrangement. Sampoorna says indeed, I will advise you, you need to do what I say, you will get fine in 4-5 days. Bondita says I will do as

you say. Sampoorna says don’t say this to anybody, avoid any man, no man’s shadow should fall on you. Bondita says Anirudh is my better half, companion and educator. Sampoorna says you must be away from him, you can’t do any puja now, you don’t need to go anyplace out, not even to class, you can’t go out from the room, else everybody will think about your infection, who knows, you and Anirudh get deserted.


Bondita says on the off chance that I stay in the room, everybody will come to ask me, for what reason am I remaining here. Sampoorna says you need to oversee it and stay away. Bondita asks will I get fine in the event that I do this. Trilochan gets down on Bondita. Sampoorna requests that she take rest. She says I will tell everybody that you’re not fine. Trilochan calls Bondita for aarti. Sampoorna comes to do the aarti. She says Bondita isn’t fine, I will do the aarti today. Mami plays shank. Trilochan cries. Sampoorna thinks Durga Maa upheld me, I will administer in this house now. Bondita cries and says how might I stop the dying. Mami compliments Sampoorna. Sampoorna says I will proceed to help Bondita. Mami says no need, let her visit in agony, she will get frightened and hear you out. Sampoorna gestures. Bondita reviews Anirudh. FB shows Anirudh requesting that she use cotton to douse the ink. The cotton splashes the ink from the book. Bondita says nature has given us much arrangements. Bondita gets the cotton from the pad. Anirudh hangs tight for Bondita. Bondita tears the window ornament material. Rishta tera mera… plays… She takes the cotton. Koyli comes to Anirudh.


She says I m returning home for certain days. Anirudh requests that she go. He goes to Bondita’s room and thumps the entryway. She cries and says I can’t converse with any man. He requests that she open the entryway, else he will break it. She says no, I won’t go to class today. She proceeds to open the entryway. He inquires as to for what reason didn’t you open the entryway. She ventures back when he comes inside the room. He asks what occurred, are you unwell, what occurred, for what reason are you venturing back. She lies on the bed. He asks what occurred, advise me.

She says I have stomach hurt, simply go, I will take rest and get fine. He says fine, don’t go to class, we will call a specialist. She says no. Trilochan comes and says its fine, we won’t call the specialist, she will take rest and get fine. Anirudh says I realize you won’t care for it if specialist checks her. Trilochan and Anirudh contend. They say we will allow Bondita to rest, we can battle later. Trilochan goes. Anirudh sees the pad fallen. He thinks to ask her. Trilochan gets down on him. Anirudh goes. Bondita cries. She goes to Durga maa. She says Sumati will have an answer for this issue. She says I can converse with my mum by composing a letter.


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