Barrister Babu 01 February 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Anirudh admonishing Bondita. He says the Bondita I knew used to adore everybody and never foul up, she never hurt anybody. He says I m much disillusioned with you. She cries. He sits pitiful. She says you advised me to not conceal things and assume any fault for darlings. He requests that she leave. She says I can’t take the weight on me, I can’t assume the fault with no slip-up, I didn’t blow up like you, it doesn’t imply that I fouled up, I didn’t do anything incorrectly, I just said what I have seen and perceived, what will I show in the school tomorrow, my wrecked house model. She cries and sits to fix the house model. Anirudh looks on. He likewise joins her and fixes the house. Mami comes to see them. Anirudh rests. Bondita comes to him. She requests her scissors. He gives

it. She grins and goes. Rishta tera mera… .plays… .


Mami blows up seeing this. Bondita grins. She says we are annoyed with one another, on the off chance that we get together, at that point we will make this house once more. Mami says they are holding once more, similar to she made the house model today, she will retouch broken connection additionally, Sampoorna isn’t tuning in to me, I can’t make Bondita away from Anirudh along these lines. Bondita says I will check whether he had the food. She goes to check. She says he didn’t eat the food, I feel hurt.


Mami conditions Sampoorna once more. She asks Sampoorna to simply do as she says and rule in the house. Bondita hears this and says it implies Sampoorna is associated with Mama and Mami’s untruths. She moves and a masterpiece falls. Sampoorna hears the sound and goes out. Bondita inquires as to for what reason did you falsehood and backing Mama and Mami in some unacceptable work, Anirudh blew up, we had a major battle, Anirudh charged Trilochan, you didn’t tell anything, why. Sampoorna misleads Bondita.

She says you can rebuff me on the off chance that you think I m lying, I knew nothing and just did what my father advised me. Bondita inquires as to for what reason will you get rebuffed when you’re not off-base, we both are in distress today. Bondita says I will come clean to Anirudh, else our family will be in issue, I will tell about Mama and Mami’s falsehoods. Sampoorna asks her not to tell anything, else she will get reviled. Bondita says no, I had shrouded reality once, you don’t stress, Anirudh regards you, he confides in you. Its morning, Bondita awakens. She gets stomach throb.


She says I didn’t had any food around evening time, on the grounds that Anirudh didn’t eat anything, for what reason is my stomach hurting to such an extent. She gets down on Anirudh. She turns and sees the blood on her bed. She gets stunned. She says did I get injured by the scissor around evening time. Anirudh says I feel eager as of now. Bondita says I can’t walk, don’t have the foggiest idea for what reason is this occurrence. Anirudh goes to see. Read More….


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