Barister Babu 9 February 2021 Written Updates

The Episode begins with Anirudh saying I need to converse with Bondita in private. Sampoorna goes. Anirudh says you neglected to restore my scarf. Bondita says I had washed it and kept it in the upper bureau. Anirudh says I got it, there is no motivation to battle, we will have fellowship, I got white blossoms for you, white tone is an indication of harmony. He sees the window ornament and thinks its torn further. He leaves. Bondita implores that she gets fine. Its morning, Bondita awakens and says I feel much improved, the revile impact has finished soon. She grins and says there is no stain of blood, I got fine, I m upbeat. She takes the blossoms. Bihari requests that Bondita come for the Saraswati puja. She says I realize Trilochan accompanied you, reveal to him that I m coming. Trilochan grins and says I disclosed to you that she will consistently satisfy our assumptions. Bihari says Trilochan will send new saree and gems for you, wear it and come. Bondita says fine, I have consistently tuned in to him. Bondita comes to Anirudh. She says I guarantee to compensate for the misfortune in investigations.

Sampoorna says on the off chance that the aarti doesn’t occur, at that point the family pride will be demolished. Trilochan asks would this be able to happen when Bondita is here, she is coming to do the puja, she is fine now, she revealed to me that she will do the puja. He asks Sampoorna is she getting bleary eyed. He requests that she proceed to take rest. Bondita comes wearing regular clothes. He asks what’s this, for what reason didn’t you wear the garments and adornments I gave you, its off-base, fine, we won’t ask anything, its time for aarti, come. She gives the keys to him. She says I can’t keep these keys. He says you had vowed to protect the keys. She says indeed, I need to give the keys back, I m restoring the keys to you. He asks what occurred. Bondita reviews… . Mami makes a fan fall over Anirudh.


Bondita stresses seeing Sampoorna acting the hero. Sampoorna inquires as to why not concern for Anirudh, imagine a scenario where the fan fell on him, how could you say yes for puja. Bondita says I got fine from the infection. Sampoorna says I have given the penance, you are as yet wanting for garments and adornments. Bondita says no, I don’t need anything. Read More…..


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