Barister Babu 8 February 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Anirudh calling his siblings to play a game. Bondita looks on and grins. She needs to go out to them. She reviews Sampoorna’s words and closes the window. She returns. Mami thinks I realize Anirudh is playing this game to bring Bondita back, I will not allow this to occur. She makes Anirudh fall. Anirudh gets injured and drains his hand. Bondita petitions God for his wellbeing. Sampoorna reaches her and stops her. She shows some container and grins. Bondita takes a gander at her and closes the entryway.

Bondita says I need to disappear from the house, Anirudh is bearing this as a result of me, I will leave from here perpetually, I won’t ever returned here. She cries and gathers the sacks. Bihari does the guide to Anirudh’s hand. Anirudh gets miserable that Bondita didn’t come. Bondita takes a gander at him


what’s more, figures I can’t allow your life to fall in peril as a result of me, that is the reason I m going out at this point. She goes out and cries. Sumati gets cognizant. Bondita draws close to the outdated. She says I sense that I used to feel in mum’s lap. Sumati attempts to get water. Bondita draws close to the entryway. Sumati arrives at the water container. Bondita yells is anybody inside. She pulls the entryway. She gets something to break the lock. She picks a stone to break the entryway. Sumati draws close to the entryway. Bondita breaks the entryway. She opens the lock and tosses it. Sumati swoons down.


Sampoorna comes and stops Bondita. She asks what are you doing here. Bondita says there is some stable coming from inside, there is somebody who needs to come out. Sampoorna says Bondita, did you go frantic, perhaps its rodents, I would prefer not to venture inside the house. Bondita says no, I need to check inside. She runs inside the house. Sampoorna acts to get injured and tumbles down.

She says this is a result of the revile, anybody can get this dangerous sickness. Bondita says I don’t need anything to happen to my darlings, I will take off from the house. Sampoorna figures Anirudh will arrive at the town to discover her and know the matter. She asks Bondita not to go anyplace. She says we will return home and afterward I will clarify you, come.


Mami asks what, Bondita came to there. Sampoorna says Sumati swooned, so they couldn’t talk. Mami says everything might have turned out badly, in the event that Bondita realizes that she is getting fine, at that point she will get her lost certainty and strength, its better that you get the keys of the house. Mother says Sumati got cognizant, however I put her to bed, I have dealt with it. Read More…


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