Anirudh takes the bowl and grins. He drops it and says it was excessively hot. The young lady says it was not very hot, you have spoilt my doing. Anirudh grins. The young lady says I mean my puja is spoilt, its fine, I will make more prasad, did you get injured, Bondita check his hand for consume. Anirudh says its fine. Trilochan says who knows kheer tumbled down or he dropped it deliberately. Anirudh says bowl was excessively hot. Bondita says don’t stress, kheer is there in the kitchen, I will proceed to get it, Anirudh will get prasad and quick won’t break. The young lady thinks I need to add poison in that kheer. She says I will get it. Anirudh says you remain, Bondita will get the kheer. The young lady thinks Anirudh and Bondita are sharp, it won’t be anything but difficult to deceive them when Munshi has disappeared for not many days, I need to oversee everything on own. Read more…..

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