Trilochan getting miserable and chiding Bondita. Bondita cries and apologizes to him. He says you will never question Shubra again, on the off chance that you do this, at that point I guarantee I will never converse with you. He goes. Munshi looks on and grins. Anirudh brightens up Bondita. He says lie doesn’t have a major life, truth consistently comes out, come. Rishta tera mera… ..plays… . They leave. The young lady stresses and figures you won’t get saved Anirudh, Bondita you need to cry all life. Trilochan comes to Sampoorna and reprimands her for showing incorrectly things to Bondita. He says she offended me as a result of you. She asks what did I do. Trilochan says I know your dramatization, you have given you a safe house to remain, Anirudh did, you have a position of worker’s significant other, he gave you regard, you are taking Luchis from the kitchen, you are so improper, your better half had passed on, yet your appetite didn’t end.

Binoy comes and says Bondita would have given kitchen keys to her, you are venting outrage on her for reasons unknown. Trilochan asks are you saying this to safeguard this widow. He asks her did you do any dark enchantment on them. Anirudh and Bondita come. Trilochan says you may believe Sampoorna, however I accept that Shubra is reawakened, don’t question on her once more, nobody will go into her room or check her when she makes prasad, her affront will be my affront, I can’t remain where I don’t have my regard, I will take off from this house. Anirudh gets mixed up. Bondita asks are you fine. Anirudh says I will get fine, I m inclination tired, Kaka don’t blow up. Munshi says when you get another portion of toxin, you will rest until the end of time.

The young lady makes kheer and says now I can add poison in the prasad kheer effectively, its the subsequent day portion. Bondita says its my slip-up, I don’t believe that young lady, I demolished everything, Sampoorna never misleads me, that young lady would have lied. Anirudh says that young lady is shrewd, she had made you wrong in Kaka’s eyes, we need to accomplish something that nobody knows. Munshi hears them. She sees some shadow at the entryway and stops Anirudh. She proceeds to open the entryway. She sees Munshi. Anirudh says I called him here. Munshi asks what was the work. Anirudh says I had pixie work, mum had a wish to go to vrindavan, yet she kicked the bucket in the mishap, father went to vrindavan with her remains and effects, he remained in shanti ashram, you need to go there and inquire as to whether mum’s things were left there. Munshi says it will require 3-4 days. Anirudh says I know, Kaka won’t release me, will you help me. Munshi figures I can’t release Anirudh, poison must be given to him, on the off chance that I reject, at that point he will question me. He says fine, I will go. Anirudh expresses gratitude toward him.

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