Saudamini Keeping Her Conditions. She Says Once Anirudh Becomes A Servant, He Won’t Have Any Family, Wife Or Baristry, He Will Be Our Slave. Anirudh Says I Agree, If Its About Girls Education Rights, Then I M Ready To Take Any Risk. She Stops Anirudh. She Says Not Just You, Binoy And Trilochan Will Also Become Our Servants. They Get Angry. She Asks Greenwood To Hire Binoy As Driver, And Trilochan Is Good In Handling The House, He Can Handle Their Kitchen And Garden. She Says They Have To Risk Themselves, Then Challenge Will Be Equal. Greenwood Says Yes, Take The Real Risk. Anirudh Says I M Ready To Put Myself At Risk, Don’t Get My Family In Between, I Will Not Accept It. Trilochan Says My Tulsipur Isn’t Less Than Any Garden, I Have Always Thought Good For My Village, I Will Break This Girl’s Ego, I M Ready To Take This Risk, I Also Accept This Challenge. Anirudh Smiles. Bondita Looks On.

Saudamini Says Binoy Is Selfish, He Will Just Think Of Himself, Not Family, He Will Never Agree. Binoy Says I Accept The Challenge, I Don’t Accept To Support British Rule This Time. Anirudh Smiles. Binoy Says This Time, I M With My Brother And Son, I Accept The Challenge. They Ask Anirudh To Accept The Challenge And Trust Them, They Will Do Anything To Win. Anirudh Nods. Binoy Says Just Anirudh Will Win This Challenge. Bondita Jokes On The British Rule That It United Their Family And Connected Three Of Them. She Claps Happily. Binoy Hugs Anirudh And Says Sorry Son.

Anirudh Says Today, I Accept This Challenge In Front Of Everyone. Greenwood Shakes Hands With Anirudh And Says Done. Trilochan Says We Have To Select Fair Judges For The Competition. Binoy Says You Are Right. Greenwood Says I M Fair, I Will Become The Fair Judge, I M Joking, We Will Make The Rules In Front Of A Fair Judge, How Will We Have This Competition, You Come There With Your Wife, If You Don’t Come, Then Competition Will End There. Anirudh Says I Agree. They Turn To Go. Bondita Stops And Scolds Saudamini For Still Being A Bad Woman.

She Says You Just Look Pretty, But Your Heart Is Bad. Saudamini Says Yes, I M A Bad Woman, I Can Make You And Your Family Bend Down To Me In A Moment, I Can Throw You Out Of Tulsipur. Bondita Says No, You Can’t Do Anything, My Mum Says That Evil Can Be Powerful But Truth And Goodness Wins In The End, You Didn’t Learn From Your Past Mistakes, Its Fine, I Will Ask Anirudh To Teach You A Lesson Again. Saudamini Says We Will Know The Result In This Challenge, The Bad Will Happen With You, You Can’t Even Imagine, I Will Take Revenge On You And Your Husband. Bondita Says I M Younger Than You, Whenever You Come To Hurt Me And My Family, I Will Be There To Stop You. Anirudh Smiles.

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Bondita Says My Mum Says That One Who Digs The Pit For Others Fall Inside It, My Mum Never Says Wrong, You Remember, Right. She Smiles. Trilochan Asks Her To Come And Not Talk To Shameless Woman. Anirudh Says Yes, Not Our Words, But Our Actions Will Show Them Their Place. They Leave.

Trilochan Says Its Final. The Man Asks Trilochan Not To Decide For Their Lives For The Sake Of Those Girls. Binoy Asks When Will You Get A Sense And Understand Your Profit. Trilochan Says Greenwood Wants To Have Drug Farming, You Want To Make The Land Infertile, Are You Ready For It, See And Understand, Till I Don’t Defeat Greenwood, We Can’t Save The Land. The Man Says You Are Right, We Also Want To Defeat Them, But Bondita And The Girls Can’t Do This.

Bondita Says Like We Used To Play In Village, Will This Challenge Be Like Some Sport, The Team Which Used To Play Well Wins, We Used To Feel Bad On Losing. Anirudh Says Its A Competition, Its Motive Is Not Win Or Lose, Its For Education Rights, Every Girl Should Get Education Rights, You Have To Fight, We Have To Fight, And Also The Girls Have To Fight, That Fight Will Inspire Every Girl Who Wants To Study, Will You Support Me In This Fight. She Says I M Always With You. They Smile.

He Says But The Problems Will Be Many, The Troubles Will Get More Day By Day. She Says So What, Let The Problems Come, I Will Not Let You Become Saudamini’s Servant, I Will Make My Problems Away, I Will Face The Hurdles And Find Solution For The Problems. He Says Greenwood And Saudamini Are Powerful, What Is Our Strength. She Says You Are Our Strength, Our Protector. He Says No, I Won’t Protect You Now, You Have To Protect Your Rights Yourself, I Will Be With You. He Asks Her To Break A Stick. She Breaks. He Asks Her To Break The Sticks Together. She Tries Hard And Says I Can’t. He Explains Her. He Says Unity Is Strength, Understood. She Says I Understood It Well, Its Tough To Break All The Sticks Together, All The Girls Will Be With Us. Rishta Tera Mera… .Plays…

He Says Unity Is Our Strength, Until We Are Together, We Are Strong, If We Fall Alone, Then We Will Fall Weak, Understood, You Are Right, Unity Is Power, You Have To Keep Our Strength Together, No One Should Get Away, Will You Do This. She Says Yes. They Smile. Surayya Asks Anirudh To Come In, They Have Changed Their Clothes. He Says We Will Explain Them Now. They Meet The Girls. Surayya Says Thanks For Saving Our Lives, But Forgive Us, We Can’t Study, We Can’t Go To School.