The Episode begins with Bondita thinking to draw out the reality of Munshi and the young lady. She comes to Sampoorna and says you are stressed, you would prefer not to wed Bihari, he likewise doesn’t have any desire to wed you, Trilochan isn’t tuning in. Sampoorna says don’t stress, it will occur according to my destiny. Bondita says we make our own destiny, when Mami used to rebuff us, we used to cover up, you additionally stow away and evade the marriage. Sampoorna asks what will happen when Trilochan becomes more acquainted with it, he will rebuff me. Bondita says till then Anirudh will be fine, he will deal with everything. Sampoorna says don’t stress, I saw how to make things fine, proceed to deal with Anirudh. Bondita asks truly. Sampoorna says yes. She sends her. Bondita hears Munshi and the young lady’s discussion. She reviews the kheer. She thinks to uncover them. Munshi says locate an opportunity and give this toxic substance to Anirudh.

The young lady gestures. Bondita goes to Bihari. She makes things fall. Bihari asks what’s going on with you. Munshi sends the young lady. Bihari asks what. Bondita signs him. She says Munshi got Anirudh from a spot in harmed state, I got a gold memento there, did you discover, I didn’t comprehend about it. Munshi hears them. She says I have offered it to Trilochan, however he is occupied in your marriage, he didn’t see, its kept in the storage. Bihari asks what. She says I need Trilochan to check it, that memento has a place with that man, Trilochan knows everybody here, he will discover the guilty party, figure, Trilochan will rebuff him. Munshi goes. Bondita snickers and says I have caught Munshi in the arrangement. She giggles. Bihari stops Binoy and says a pixie call came for you. Binoy says I m going for pixie work. He leaves. Sampoorna takes a gander at him and follows.

The young lady gets the toxin. She grins seeing Anirudh. Bondita puts the coal on the ground. She says I m making a snare to get the fish. Trilochan requests that the young lady see Anirudh, he isn’t fine, when he grins and plays, at that point she can go. She says I do what I state, trust Mata, he will be fine, will I touch him once on the off chance that you grant. Trilochan permits her. Bondita says we need to consume this coal now. The young lady acts and asks Anirudh not to stress, his agony will end perpetually, no threat will come in his life. She attempts to take care of him the toxic substance.

Bondita lights the coal. Bondita stops the young lady. The young lady wipes her hands. Bondita says you can’t go this way, you will follow Anirudh gets fine, right. Trilochan says I likewise need this. Bondita says in the event that we need this, at that point how might you go, I have some pixie work for you. She requests that Bihari get Anirudh out, a supernatural occurrence will occur. She takes the young lady with her. Trilochan and Anirudh come. Bondita says I have discovered a decent method to make Anirudh fine immediately, Sasuma was recounting accounts of the mother’s huge penances, I have additionally perused one story, the mother strolls on copying coal to save her child. The young lady stresses. Trilochan says you mean the mother had consumed her feet for her youngster. Bondita says no, her feet didn’t get injured in light of the commitment and love, do you question on her tapasya, her feet won’t be harmed in the wake of strolling on the hot coal, Anirudh will be fine. Anirudh looks on and grins. He thinks I m glad for you Bondita. Bondita thinks I realize you are with me and you are content with me. Trilochan requests that the young lady stroll on the consuming coal to save her child. Bondita says you complete this tap before the stars change position. Trilochan says indeed, you can do this. Bondita requests that the young lady come ahead.

The young lady gets back and says I can’t do this, I m a young lady, my feet will consume. Trilochan says you are honored, nothing will happen to you. She contends. Bondita says you are not a child, you are my Shubra Maa. The young lady pushes her and says I m not resurrected, I m a young lady like you, I m not Shubra. Trilochan asks what are you saying. Bondita says you have a deep understanding of Shubra and this haveli. The young lady says I read all that from her journal. Trilochan says her journals and letters were ignited with her fire, that was her last desire. She says I had her journal with Om, I read this from it. Bondita says don’t state this, you took resurrection to finish the quick and save Anirudh. The young lady cries and says no, I m a helpless vagrant young lady who takes shoes from the sanctuary, a man came and advised me to accomplish this work.

Munshi goes to the storage. He says I have taken the storage key, I need to take the gold memento soon. He searches for the memento. The young lady says I m here for cash, he picked me as I m instructed, he caused me to do this show, I have deceived you, I didn’t realize that I need to consume my feet here. Bondita says you used to take care of kheer to Anirudh, simply a mum can do tapasya. The young lady says I didn’t do anything, I used to cover up and eat food, I used to add poison in the kheer and took care of to Anirudh, I needed to give him three portions, so I did this show. They get stunned. The young lady says Bondita remained as a shield and didn’t allow me to give him the third portion. Trilochan chastens her. He inquires as to for what reason did you do this, who is my foe, who gave you the toxic substance for Anirudh. She says I can’t take his name, he will execute me. Bondita thinks now its Munshi’s turn. She asks Munshi is he finding the memento. Munshi attempts to run. Everybody comes there. Munshi sees the young lady.