Rani says you will not utter a word. Dadi don’t hear him out. He says I will not be hushed today. You said he’s impolite yet has an unadulterated heart. He left you, your significant other left you. Dadi drops the juice. Rani says shut up, This isn’t accurate,. I will reveal to you everything. Birju says they all left her here. Come clean with us every one of us. I will drag him out of his vehicle and make him say reality. Dadi cries and says come clean with me. My heart is sinking. For what reason did they leave? Rani says don’t stress. Rani sa blows up. She took Veer with her. Dadi says for what reason didn’t you go? Rani says so I can invest energy with you. Rani sa requested that I invest energy with you. Birju says quit lying. Rani says this is our family issue. Go from here. She pushes him. Rani says don’t cry dadi. All is great. Dadi cries. Rani takes her home.

Kiara says driver stop the vehicle. I opened window and dropped my ring. Kiara tells ladies out there that Rani is here and we are largely returning to town. Rani will remain here in this town. Veer came here to drop her here for eternity. Ladies say what? She says Veer and Rani’s marriage are only for name purpose. Veer doesn’t think of her as his significant other. They are stunned. Kiara says now this will consume Rani’s life. They leave.

Ladies see Veer leaving. They say Rani lied? He never think of her as his better half?

Kumud goes to Sanjay’s room. He says I need a guarantee. Kindly reveal to me you will do what I inquire. She says yes. Vikram stop the vehicle and says I will not drive any longer. Veer says for what reason would you say you are doing this? We should go please. Vikram says I see the hurt all over. You are confounded. Veer says I will do what Rani sa inquired. Vikram says I regarded you the most however I wasn’t right. You are so childish and quitter. You can run and I will not. You have some duty towards Rani. I’m going. Veer says what regarding Rani sa? She went out. Father had a coronary failure. I don’t need all that once more. Rajeshwari calls. She says where right? I don’t see the vehicle. He says we halted to have water. Vikram says I am not coming. Rajeshwari says what drivel. Veer I was him in Jaipur. Veer says sufficient dramatization Vikram. He hauls Vikram to the vehicle. Vikram pushes him. Veer says you will push your sibling? She isn’t my better half. How could she be your bhbahi at that point? I have just harmed everybody as of now. rani isn’t anything to me and my family. Vikram says destiny made her my bhabhi sa. I needn’t bother with your stop. Veer hauls Vikram. Vikram runs. Veer battles with him. Vikram says I will not be a piece of your grimy demonstration. Veer slaps him.

All ladies encompass Rani and pose her inquiries. They ask her for what valid reason did she ridicule wedding. She is characterless. Dadi says enough. This is our family matter. Rani cries. Dadi says go from here. Ladies continue to insult her. Rani reviews her wedding. Birju reviews how Rani saved Veer. Birju says I thoroughly took care of you and you pushed me Rani? I will not allow you to go to that Veer. Pinku comes to Birju and discloses to him all ladies have picked on Rani. Read More….