Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th February 2021 Written Update

Scene starts with Veer was going to come clean to Rani however Rajeshwari intrudes on saying she will come clean. Rani and Veer stuns seeing Rajeshwari there. Rani moves towards Rajeshwari and takes her endowments. Vikram thinks about what Rajeshwari doing there. Dadi welcomes Rajeshwari and says in the event that she thinks about Rajeshwari’s appearance, at that point she would have arranged for her greeting and asks did she confronted any difficulty as she would prefer. Kiara gets upbeat seeing Rajeshwari and figures Rajeshwari didn’t responded when she advised everything to her yet straightforwardly came to here now Rani can’t get back to city regardless. Town individuals gets entranced seeing Rajeshwari’s vehicle and they welcomes her.

Dadi advises Rani to deal with Rajeshwari and goes inside to do plans. Rani says she doesn’t realize that Rajeshwari going to her town. Rajeshwari says Rani need not to realize that. Rani advises her to come inside the house. In any case, Rajeshwari rejects her idiom she came here to take Veer. Rani says they were going to leave just however she came to town after significant time-frame so everybody requested that she stay here for few days and everybody preferred Veer as well. Rajeshwari didn’t allow Rani to finish and says on the off chance that these town individuals loves Rani so much, at that point she should remain with them. Rani gets confounded hearing her.


Rajeshwari says seems like Veer didn’t said anything to Rani however now he will advise everything and requests that Veer talk. Veer says he chose to leave Rani for all time in her town and says he won’t take her with him to his home. Rani breaks hearing him while Rajeshwari smiles. She reviews how Veer dealt with her. Vikram inquires as to why Rajeshwari compelling her choice on Veer. Rajeshwari advises him to not meddle in this matter. He says she can fail to remember everything except for he can’t fail to remember that how all Rani helped their family and also Rani is Veer’s better half. Veer advises Vikram to not act like this to Rajeshwari.


Rajeshwari advises Vikram to gain from Veer. She discloses to Rani that this town is her unique spot and here no one but she can live calmly. She says Veer burned through such a lot of time as of now and she can hardly wait any longer and advises him to leave with her at this moment. Vikram says he will not leave without Rani. Rajeshwari requests that he not humiliate her. He says his choice is conclusive. She advises Veer to acquire Vikram his vehicle and leaves from that point with Kiara. Vikram reproves Veer for continually tuning in to Rajeshwari. Veer reviews how Rani accepted that he will do nothing amiss with her. Rani says Veer should leave now. Read more……..


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