Birju gets some information about Rani. Veer reprimands Birju. Nanthini says to Veer that Rani recorded Rajeshwari’s admission. She says Rani is answerable for Rajeshwari’s condition and cries. Veer says to Nanthini that he thinks about Rani. He says she isn’t that sort of individual to do this. Nanthini says to Veer that she can’t accept that Veer actually trust Rani. She says she will ask Rani and Rani needs to address her inquiries.

Kumud says Rani isn’t in her room. Birju blames Veer. Kiara requests that Veer trust Nanthini. Criminal video considers Veer and shows the oblivious Rani. Ruffian says to Veer that he will kill Rani assuming Rajeshwari doesn’t emerge from prison in 24hours. Veer requests that Kidnapper leave Rani. Ruffian harms Rani which stuns Veer.