Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Update

Rani has discovered a bill of only one stud and she understands that assuming she by one way or another tracks down the proprietor of the bill, she can track down the genuine offender. Veer sees Birju and understands that he is assisting Rani with discovering the guilty party. He sees Rani giving the bill over to Birju and chooses to stop them. He calls Birju internal parts however Rani stands up to. He says that we comprehend that Rani is your companion however we likewise can’t allow a visitor to take off from without welcoming him inside the house. Rani comprehends the Veer is planning some mischief. Veer believes that he has no other choice than to stop Rani.

Rani says that she will carry something for him to eat. Veer says that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to cook. She says that she will make parathas at any rate for Birju. Veer says that he will likewise eat and says that he will stand by with Birju here in the lobby. Rani feels that Veer has played it shrewd however she will likewise by one way or another convey the bill to Birju. She some way or another makes some revolting half-consumed parathas and puts the bill inside one of the paratha. Veer takes the plates from her hand and gives some unacceptable plate to Birju. She stops veer and says that he will get another paratha for him. Exactly when Veer is going to have his first chomp she shouts of torment. Veer races to her guide while Birju switches the paratha. Birju rolls the paratha and says that he will take the paratha to his home and will eat it there with picle. He leaves.


Veer requests that Rani sit and discloses to her that the paratha is awesome. She takes the plate from his hand and says that it is scorched. You are a decent individual and just great ought to happen to you. Veer requests that she part with her mission however she denies it. Read more…….


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