Apna Time Bhi Aayega 28th January 2021 Written Update

Veer says his blame won’t leave him on the off chance that he remains before Rani, at that point and says she previously confronted a great deal issues and gets stressed over her examinations and chooses to come clean to her.

Rani brings dress for Veer and was going to leave the room however he stops her and inquires as to why she is crying. She says this dress was stiched by her mom for Ramadheer. He asks how might he wear this. She says Ramadheer likes him to such an extent he won’t have any issue and advises him to click one picture wearing this dress since she needs to show that image to Ramadheer and she is certain that he will grin seeing the image.


He expresses gratitude toward her for the dress. She believes it’s truly hard to comprehend him since his conduct continue to change and chooses to get some information about mishap later.Pinku asks Veer’s portable to click their image. Dadi requests that they feed one another. Veer and Rani delays. Birju feels something is weird and asks why they are faltering this way. Veer and Rani takes care of one another. Individuals acclaims Veer and says Rani is fortunate to get a spouse like him. Everybody takes care of desserts to Veer.


Birju blends such a lot of nippy powder in Veer’s beverage and makes him drink it powerfully. Veer thinks to come clean to Rani in the wake of finishing the custom. He blows up and shouts at Birju and Rani at that point leaves from there.Rani became more acquainted with that what Birju did and reprimands him. Dadi says Birju fouled up with Veer. Birju chooses to discover the reality of Veer saying it’s truly difficult for him to see Rani with Veer however he can’t see her miserable as well. He gives bhang blended beverage to Veer. Read more….


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