Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th January 2021 Current Written Update


Rishi meets Birju. Rajeshwari calls him once more. He goes out. Rajeshwari says you are prepared to leave Rani there right? Veer says Rani sa.. She says I would prefer not to hear pardons. I gave you one undertaking and you’re going through the night there? Why? He says I didn’t have another alternative. Rajeshwari says where did you stay the evening? He says there’s an inn close by. Try not to stress I will leave today. He hangs up. Birju is remaining behind him. Veer says in heart did he hear everything? Birju says got terrified?

Kiara is leaving. She says I am coming and will make you mine. She requests that the driver leave. Vikram is on the driver seat. He says obviously madam. She says you.. What hogwash is this? He says nothing. We can go together, it would be fine. Kiara says goodness


God. How about we go. He says come sit in front. It’s a long excursion. They leave.


BIrju says wanna shower? You can take a wash in this well. Veer says what here? He says our town’s well resembles Ganga, it’s unadulterated. Veer is stunned. Birju removes his kurta and starts showering. He showers water on Veer too. He says you need to shower for the custom. Veer says if the custom wasn’t there I won’t have allowed this water to contact me. Birju says I likewise feel how she got hitched to you? She is exceptionally near me She used to disclose to me everything. On the off chance that you hurt her or double-cross her.. Veer says as much? Birju says this is Baliya. The blood of men here is extremely hot. This virus water will do nothing. Veer says we will see.

Scene 2


Vikram plays boisterous tunes and drives moderate. Kiara says cycles are quicker than you. He says I drive safe. You don’t get what’s not in your destiny. We should go out. I’m drained. She says I figured I would reach there. Vikram says in heart you won’t ever reach there.

Nandini asks Rajmata we are requesting pasta. What might you like? Rajmata says I miss Rani and Veer. Nandini says Rani is a particularly pleasant young lady. Dadi says this house is so down without her. Nandini says we would video be able to call her.


Dadi makes Rani work. She says you’re hitched. Rani says Rajmata never requested that I finish errands. I miss her. they video call her. Rani says Rajmata.. How are you? I was missing you a great deal. Nandini didi how is your yoga going? Did you get juice in the first part of the day? For what reason is there such a lot of residue on the Lamp? Rajmata says unwind.

Rani says offer telephone to Champa. Rani says for what reason isn’t anything cleaned? Champa says no I am managing my job. She requests that Champa clean it while they are on the video.

Rani cuts vegetables. Veer comes in. Veer says I need to converse with you. Rani says you.. She cuts her finger. Veer holds her hand and says initially learn and afterward do it. You generally do things wrong. Your hand is dying. Rani says I am making this for Rajmata. I would be prepared for everybody in multi week. My dadi makes the best pickle. Veer reviews what Rajeshwari said. Veer says do you have medical aid pack? I have it in vehicle. Rani says leave that. Bring that zest. He says not this time. She says bring water. Rani says blend turmeric in water. Rani says time has instructed me to endure torment. He applies the glue on her cut. Rani gives him fabric to clean his hand. Veer says much obliged. Veer says everybody is so unique, so unadulterated. Rani says I felt the equivalent about the city yet I changed. You came here for one day in particular and you like it. Veer says in heart I need to reveal to her beginning and end. Rani says prepare for the custom. He says my garments are wet. Rani says you didn’t keep the garments? He says I failed to remember. She says failed to remember or did you plan on leaving me here? The ceremonial beginnings. Everybody is celebrating. Rani moves. Veer stops her and says I can’t conflict with Rani sa. I came here to leave you here until the end of time.

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