Veer says I need to converse with you about something. It’s vital. She says yet dadi maa.. He says attempt to comprehend. It’s vital. I came here.. Dadi says I need to do Veer’s arti and welcome him. She says come in Veer. Sorry Veer on the off chance that she doesn’t converse with you well. I’m so glad to see you. She says to Rani go remain with Veer I will do your arti. That is your place. Rani remains with Veer and dadi does their arti. She says Ram and Sita’s couple. Dadi requests that they go into the house together.

Rajmata says you have crossed all cutoff points Rajeshwari. You went out, due to you Sanjay fell wiped out, and you crossed all cutoff points today. Sanjay says it’s alright maa sa. She says you won’t have a protest again maa sa. Sanjay says Rajeshwari I realize you are in agony however it was your choice to acknowledge Veer as your child. She says that was my greatest misstep and I am paying for it. Dadi serves food to Veer. She says Rani for what reason didn’t you reveal to me he was coming? I would have organized such countless things. She says Rani you likewise get wearing saree. He dresses so well. Rani says garments don’t make you large. They serve Veer with a ton of things. A man cleans his shoes. Veer feels off-kilter. They wash his feet. Dadi says it’s our custom. She causes him to eat desserts. A lady brings him laddus. Rani chuckles at Veer. He needs to eat the entirety of the food.

Dadi says does Rani bother you? Advise me. He says she’s OK. Dadi says how is Ramo? Rani says he’s fine. Try not to stress. Everybody deals with me. Dadi says I was unable to try and be essential for your wedding. A lady says we can commend now. Rani says what are you saying? I’m hitched as of now. Dadi says however we will do our ceremonies. If it’s all the same to Veer. Rani says however tomorrow not today. Veer reviews what Rajeshwari said. He says to Rani I need to converse with you. She says this is my home. Try not to be furious. He says it’s significant. Rani says I will defer the customs don’t stress. She requests that all neighbors go. Dadi says let me mastermind your room. Rani says I will help you.

Dadi says the room is prepared. This sheet is totally new. Dadi says he looks stresses. Rani says he’s simply drained. Dadi says only 5 minutes, at that point she’s with you throughout the night in the room. You can converse with her. Rani says one room? Dadi says he’s your better half. Clearly you will lay down with him. Veer sits in a corner. She says we should go Pinku. Rani comes to Veer. Veer reviews Ramo saying to help her proceed with her schooling and Rani discussing her fantasies. Rani says we are here for two days in particular, spend joyfully. We need to return at that point. She says dadi sent this haldi. Yoi are not returning. You will remain here. Rani is stunned.