Veer goes to the shed. He says where is Rani? They check the cash. He says I committed an error by asking such less sum. Veer says where is Rani? He hears a police alarm. They run. Just a single hooligan is left. VEer says for what reason did you accompany the police Vikram. Vijay says we needed to secure you.

Veer says Rani is lost once more. Just a single thug is left. Veer hits him and says where is Rani? Veer plunks down crying. The thug says I will take her that far should consent to my requests.

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-The ruffian calls Veer and says on the off chance that you need to save Rani come to Goa. He says your better half loves you a ton however he can’t reach here. Rani cries. Read more…..