Apna Time Bhi Aayega 19 April 2021 Episode Written Updates

Scene starts with Veer look through Rani and discovers her anklet. Jay says to him that he truly knows nothing about Rani and argues him to leave him. Veer punches him. Jay admits his wrongdoing and says to him that assuming he got chance once more, likewise he will do again in light of the fact that he thinks often about Rajeshwari and Nanthini to such an extent. He says to him that he can’t see them dismal and he did this for Veer’s family as it were. Veer pushes him saying that Rani additionally his family. He gets some information about Rani’s whereabouts else he will murder him. Jay says to him that he truly doesn’t know since she got away from that point and argues Veer to trust him.

Veer ponders where she proceeded to get stressed for her. Jay’s adversary calls Jay. Veer puts the versatile on speaker. Jay’s adversary illuminates Jay that he hijacked Rani. Veer acquaints himself with Kidnapper and requests that he discharge Rani. Ruffian inquires as to whether he needs to see Rani alive at that point. Veer asks him that how might he accept that Kidnapper coming clean. Criminal says to him that he send video message to him. Veer gets enthusiastic seeing that message.


Dikvijay addresses Nanthini and requests that she come clean. Nanthini says to him that Kiara said reality. Rajmata slaps Nanthini and asks her that does she by any chance understand what she did. Dikvijay asks her that for what good reason she abducted her relative. Nanthini reviews Jay’s words. Rajmata requests that she say something. Nanthini says to her family that she didn’t compel Jay to grab Rani and she became more acquainted with about this later. Dikvijay asks her that for what valid reason Jay did this. She says to him that Jay said to her that he can’t see her resentful.


She says to them that she is as yet furious on Rani yet she never needed this to occur and she even attempted to stop Jay however Rani got away from that point. Kiara asks her that how might Nanthini trust Jay and she didn’t thought often about her relatives sentiments. Dikvijay says to her that due to her entire family enduring at this point. Vikram comes there and advises his family that another person captured Rani, so he came to get cash. Read more…..


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