Scene starts with Village women says presently Veer will not re-visitation of take Rani back so she is widow now who doesn’t has any privileges to put vermillion on her temple and she can’t wear matrimonial chain. Scarcely any women holds Dadi firmly. Rani argues them to leave her truism she isn’t widow. They attempts to wipe her vermillion however Veer stops them. Rani stuns seeing Veer there. Birju and Pinku also comes there. Veer asks how could they to carry on like this with his better half. Vikram grins hearing him.

Veer says she is little girl in law of Rajavat family and says he wedded her with all customs and nobody has the privileges to wipe the vermillion from her brow. He says he will not leave anybody in the event that they attempted to abuse his significant other, at that point and says he figured they will deal with her like a relative yet he wasn’t right so he is taking his better half with him. Rani falls on Veer and they gazes one another and she loses her awareness. He picks her and makes her lay on the bed. Rajeshwari and Kiara sees everything.

Veer asks the town individuals to let them be and advises Pinku to bring the cover. Town women says Kiara induced them against Rani that is the reason they carried on like this. Rani advises them to leave from that point. Pinku brings the cover and Veer covers her with it. Veer reveals to Dadi that he doesn’t realize he merits pardoning for his misstep or not all that he is prepared to acknowledge her discipline. He guarantees her that it will not occur again and says Rani is his better half so he will ensure that it will not occur again and says he will deal with her.

Dadi says battles are regular in a couple relationship and she is happy that he took represent Rani. She says once young lady gets hitched then her life settle around her better half and on the off chance that he leaves her, at that point this general public will not give her live access harmony. He says he has something critical to do so he needs to leave now. Veer and Rani sees Rajeshwari.

Rajeshwari advises the Driver to leave from that point. Veer advises Rani to pack her garments. Rani attempted to say something yet he doesn’t let her say anything. Birju says he likewise needs to converse with Veer. Dadi says that is not required in light of the fact that it’s among Veer and Rani so nobody ought to meddle.

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